A pro-life group used chalk to create a giant “baby lives matter” mural outside Planned Parenthood in DC late Saturday evening.

The pro-life activists styled the chalk mural after the disgraceful “Black Lives Matter” street murals being placed in major US cities.

“CALL TO ACTION DMV AREA: PRESSURE WASHER NEEDED! Late last night the street in front of the Planned Parenthood on 4th Street was tagged with “BABY LIVES MATTER.” Abortion opponents have escalated from using chalk and are harassing patients of PP & people as they walk by,” a Democratic activist named Chenay Arberry tweeted along with photos of the chalk art.

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As if this despicable tweet couldn’t get any better…Twitter has flagged the images attached to Chenay Arberry’s tweet with a “The following media includes potentially sensitive content.” EXCUSE ME. Three images of a chalk mural are now ‘sensitive content’? What has our society come to?!

A similar mural was painted outside a Planned Parenthood in Salt Lake City, Utah, last week, according to Gateway Pundit.

Let’s see how long it takes for the far-left baby killers to scrub the pro-life mural from the street. The not-so-tolerant left is one of the most hypocritical groups our society faces today. Baby Lives Matter too.

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