An active shooter is being reported at the Great Lakes Crossing Mall in Auburn Hills, Michigan. The mall is currently under lockdown, and multiple law enforcement officers are on the scene.

Great Lakes Crossing Mall is located at I-75 and Auburn Rd. in Auburn Hills and is a 1.3 million square building that includes a massive movie theater.

UPDATE: Police were at the food court at the Great Lakes Crossing Mall, responding to a “routine” incident when tasers were deployed, and someone in the area yelled, “Shots fired!” According to the Macomb County News/Scanner, “That’s when the chaos ensued.”

Fox 2 News reports – Multiple police agencies responded to Great Lakes Crossing Mall after reports of shots fired inside.

911 calls began to come in at around 6:30 p.m. Saturday.

The Auburn Hills Police Department is reporting that although there are reports of an active shooter, there has been no confirmed shooter, and there is no one injured at this time. Police are clearing the mall.

The Macomb County Scanner is reporting that the mall is on lockdown over “alleged shots fired.”

About 30 minutes ago, The Macomb County News/Scanner was telling everyone to remain sheltered and wait for further instructions.

This person claims they are “still stuck” at the Great Lakes Crossing Mall, saying, “Everyone rushed for the exits at the theater,” adding, “Apparently theres an active shooter!”

Police continue to report there has been no confirmed shooter. Perhaps the calls were a hoax. We will keep everyone updated on this story.

The Great Lakes Crossing Mall is now officially closed for the remainder of the day.

Less than two months ago, there was a mass shooting about an hour away from the mall on the Michigan State University campus. Three students were killed, and five more remain hospitalized. The shooter killed himself while police surrounded him on his way back to his home in Lansing.



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