Another Broken Vow: Nukes Still to Be Used to Deter Non-Nuclear Threats in ‘Extreme’ Cases

In yet another broken Biden promise, and against mounting pressure from allies, Biden declared that the US will not alter our nuclear doctrine, and will continue to reserve the right to first-strike as a means of deterring conventional, chemical, and biological attacks in “extreme circumstances.”

While campaigning in 2020, Biden vowed to alter the Cold War-era US nuclear doctrine which allowed to first-strikes. However, this is not happening.

From the Daily Mail:

Instead of the ‘sole purpose’ doctrine, the new Nuclear Posture Review says that the US would only use nuclear weapons in ‘extreme circumstances’, which is similar to language from prior reviews conducted by both the Obama and Trump administrations.

One insider said that Biden decided to abandon his ‘sole purpose’ vow specifically after Russia invaded Ukraine.

Regardless of his reasoning behind it, this represents another example of Biden either being unable to or refusing to follow through with a campaign trail promise, and beyond that another example of him altering long-term policy goals which he really has no business touching.

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Along with the broken promise about nuclear weapons and first-strikes, Biden also made a massive gaffe (or at least, one hopes it was a gaffe) about responding “in kind” to Russia’s potential usage of chemical and biological weapons. This does not bode well, as Nigel Farage, the former leader of the UK’s Brexit Party, notes below.

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A US-led NATO looks weak and incoherent under Biden. The world knows it, both ally and adversary alike.

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