Like Obama before him, President* Biden used the shooting in Boulder Colorado as a backdrop to set the scene for further attacks on Americans’ 2nd amendment.  He calls this ‘common sense’ gun control measures.  However, people with real common sense know that if more people in that Boulder Colorado grocery store had had guns and training to defend themselves, fewer people might be dead, today.  Perhaps only the shooter.  They also know that depression, mental disorders, murders, violence, and economic devastation have skyrocketed over the past year due to progressive policing policies and big government unscientific Wuhan CCP Virus lockdowns by state and local officials across the country.  Biden is a huge proponent of all of these government policies.

Yet, people like Biden ignore these factors.  Instead, they favor taking more rights away from law abiding citizens.

“We have to act,” said Biden as he urged congress to act to ban assault weapons, increase background checks, and reduce the size of magazines for guns.

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