“Yesterday, a massive convoy of an estimated 50,000 + truck drivers drove across Canada to protest the COVID-related mandates, including vaccine regulations for crossing the Canada-US border. The truck convoy in Canada set off on a ‘Freedom Rally’, starting in northern British Columbia and ending in the Canadian capital city, Ottowa.”  We reported yesterday.

Speakers included prominent doctors and people who have been unjustly affected by the vaccine mandate, including a family who was kicked out of the Ronald McDonald house for being unvaccinated.

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau criticized the truckers, calling them “fringe” and far right.

“The small fringe minority of people who are on their way to Ottawa, who are holding unacceptable views that they are expressing, do not represent the views of Canadians,” Trudeau said.

“(Canadians) who have been there for each other, who know that following the science and stepping up to protect each other is the best way to continue to ensure our freedoms, our rights, our values as a country.”

He added that “close to 90 per cent” of truckers in Canada “are vaccinated.” Trudeau said during a press conference yesterday.

Conservative politicians and media figures pushed back against the Prime Minister.  One Conservative MP said that Trudeau was only focused on the handful of supposed ‘extremists’ at the rally rather than the thousands of citizens who conducted themselves peacefully and lawfully.

Laura Ingraham criticized the Prime Minister yesterday on FOX News as well


Trudeau, who tested positive for Covid-19 this week, is hiding away in quarantine and used police force against the peaceful demonstration.

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