This guy should be released to women so they can rip him from limb to limb! Infants? Can you believe the sickness of selling infants for sex?

The perverted terrorist organization the Islamic State (IS/ISIS) has put captured female sex slaves from the Iraqi ethnic minority on sale and has also released the age wise price list. According to a document issued by the ISIS, Christian and Yazidi girls, aged between 1 and 9, are up for grabs for $172. Girls that are 10 to 20 are sold for nearly $129, while those aged 20 to 30 are sold for about $86. ISIS sex slave price for women that are 30 to 40 is about $6 and for those aged 40 to 50, it is $43. Slaves are not listed as women – they are labelled as Merchandise.

Remember this ISIS member who was making fun of Yezidi girls saying he would buy them if they have blue eyes? Well he has been captured now.

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Last year a video emerged from the Islamic State (IS), showing how members of ISIS discussed how they would sell and buy captured girls and women as sex slaves:

This led to that an actual price list emerged shortly after, where captured girls and women were listed as merchandise and sold as slaves to members of IS. Girls aged between 1-9 gave the highest prices.

Posted on a pro-Kurdish page on Facebook, pictures of one of the men in the video now show that he has been captured by Kurdish forces, his beard shaved off and in civilian clothes, along with what appears to be another captive from the terrorist organization.

Comments below the pictures suggest a number of punishments, where many want to hand him over to the freed women he has previously sold and abused, while others just want him dead on the spot.

According to the Geneva Convention, POW’s should be treated humanely and eventually face trial, but it is not clear, and probably highly doubtful, if this prisoner will be treated according to the Convention.
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