The American people hate Joe Biden.  He receives almost no viewership on his videos or events, is the most disliked president in YouTube history, and has the lowest transparency of any president in recent history.  He also has trouble remembering what he is doing.  Joe Biden is such a senile authoritarian puppet, that the media eerily cut off the video feed on him when he accidently attempts to speak for himself.  The man often appears to no longer have a mind or any agency of his own.

President Donald Trump on the other hand is beloved by the majority of this country.  That is why when Trump gave a speech at CPAC on Sunday, it garnered over 30 million views.

Big Tech and the establishment who are in the tank for Biden and globalism know this is a huge problem for them.  They expected that they crushed Trump and his supporters when they erroneously blamed them the unrest at the capitol on January 6th and allegedly stole the election from him.  However, his political movement has only seemed to swell in popularity.  So, now they have to take even more dystopian Huxleyan measures to try to stamp out his message and silence his supporters.

To that end, YouTube has deleted all copies of President Trump’s speech to CPAC from every source we could think of.  It also suspended Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN) for two weeks as punishment for live streaming the well-received and optimistic speech.  Trump’s speech focused primarily on loving each other, American exceptionalism, and the many deleterious things Joe Biden has already done in just one month since his inauguration.  Trump also reiterated his belief the 2020 presidential election was stolen from him stating, quipping “Who knows!  I might even decide to beat them for a third time!

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The Gateway Pundit Reports:

YouTube took down videos from mainstream outlets including the U.K. Independent which had over one million views as well as Fox, Fox Business, ABC News and the U.K. Sun. A search of YouTube that earlier this week showed several channels with archived live streams of the speech now shows all archived live streams have been taken down.

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Trump’s speech was wildly popular, with upward of over 30 million streaming views across several platforms being reported. CNN reported about 5.8 million viewers watched the speech on cable TV’s Fox News Channel and another 1.5 million watched on Newsmax, making Trump’s speech the most watched on all of cable for February and besting the Golden Globes awards show on broadcast over the air on NBC later Sunday that was watched by 6.9 million viewers.

TGP reported Monday on some of the view counts of Trump’s speech on YouTube: Right Side Broadcasting 3.7 million; The Independent 1,000,000; The Hill 906,000; Reuters: 902,000; News Now 818,000; ABC Australia 352,000; SKY News 222,000; ABC News 208,000;FOX 35 Orlando 50,000.

RSBN announced the suspension Thursday, noting they had foretold the action by YouTube after they ran Trump’s speech on Sunday, “President Trump talked about election fraud. That’s a big no-no on some platforms we stream to. We try to play by the rules, but we will not censor President Trump. We’re not going to remove or edit this video. Just so we’re all clear- if it gets removed, we didn’t do it.”

“NEW: RSBN has been suspended from YouTube for two weeks because of the Trump #CPAC2021 speech, which violated their guidelines on election misinformation. The video was approaching 4 million views. They have also removed it from their platform.”



The Gateway Pundit lists several similar occurrences of censorship in their article, here.

C-SPAN, which has apparently not been entirely taken over by the Maoists of Big Tech, still has Trump’s speech in full online.

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