The city of Chicago has suffered under disastrous left-leaning policies. Democrat leadership has virtually ruined the windy city and made it undesirable for travelers. Rising crime and homelessness have gravely affected the once-thriving city. Now chi-town is bracing itself for a huge surge in illegal immigrants.

As Title 42 has ended, the sanctuary city plans to welcome huge numbers of illegal immigrants.

According to Western Journal, Chicago officials said,

“As a welcoming city, Chicago continues to receive new arrivals and tend to their immediate needs. We are in the midst of a national humanitarian crisis and have been collaborating with City departments, Alderpeople, community-based organizations, and community leaders to identify temporary respite sites, including Chicago Park District and other public facilities, where new arrivals can wait for shelter placement. This is part of the City’s efforts to prepare for an expected influx of new arrivals.”

As Chicago leadership pushed for utilizing empty schools, police stations, and park buildings to house unvetted illegal immigrants, the local residents rose up in a fury, saying they should have been consulted and discussed their safety concerns. The South Shore school building is currently abandoned. Residents have wanted to use the building for something that benefits the community but have run into opposition. Now their leadership is discussing using the school to house migrants.

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The move is angering the community. Natasha Dunn of the Black Community Collective spoke out, saying adding unvetted immigrants was not a good fit for their community,

“We’re very active and engaged in this community, and it just doesn’t fit well to have a group of migrants to descend on this particular area because it’s a transient situation. We have stability here. We’re not comfortable with the crime on 75th, but to add migrants to that, it’s overwhelming.”

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A local meeting to discuss using South Shore School was packed with indignant residents who opposed the plan. The community undoubtedly leans left and is tasting the results of voting for Democrat leadership, who appear more concerned with virtue signaling than their resident’s well-being. A vote for Biden was a vote for a spike in illegal immigration.

The public asked why their city’s leadership would give their much-needed resources to illegal immigrants, “We need to be taken care of first and foremost,” one resident argued.
Another questioned why their struggling community would be put in a worse position by having non-tax-paying members move in, “Why would any leader put our black communities, already riddled with crime, at further risk by placing unvetted non-taxpayers steps away from our seniors and our children?”

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