For weeks hard working Americans have been warned of the growing caravans of illegal immigrants hoping to surge across the  Southern border in anticipation of title 42 expiring at 11:59 pm Thursday.

Title 42 was instituted under Donal Trump in March of 2020 and enabled U.S. border officials to turn migrants away who came seeking asylum. Under Title 42, the U.S. did not accept asylum seekers due to the potential of spreading Covid-19.
Before that time, migrants crossed illegally and would ask for asylum and be allowed into the U.S. to await their immigration court date. They were generally screened and released into the country until their appearance in court.

The expiration of the policy, coupled with the global knowledge that the Biden administration does not enforce immigration law, has led to vast amounts of people waiting at the Southern border. The immigration officials are being overwhelmed, and according to Matt Gaetz, that is exactly the point.

Florida Representative Gaetz tweeted, “The pain is the point. This is what the left wants to do to America.”

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Barak Obama discussed his plan to radically transform America during his run for president. His ideas and policies have continued into the Biden administration and underlie the destructive decisions that Americans are being subjected to. The country is teetering financially and does not have the revenue needed to take care of an immigrant caravan.
One Twitter user posted video footage of the attempts the Texas national guard is making to constrain the border chaos since the Federal government seems to have abdicated its role in protecting the borders of our nation.
Mischief tweeted, ” The Texas National Guard is trying to stop the influx of illegal immigrants since the Biden administration isn’t.

Blaze TV host Chad Prather posted footage of the massive caravan coming to the U.S. in the absence of Title 42 and called on Biden to do his job and reinstate Title 42.

Prather also pointed out the unsettling fact that those rushing the border are primarily males. Many are military-aged men. Where are the families? “This is an invasion, not a refugee crisis!!!” He warned.


Senator Ted Cruz reminded mainstream reporters, attempting to deceive Americans about the situation at the border, that America was a safer country under President Trump, “America went from the lowest border crossings under Trump in 45 years to the highest in American history under Biden.”

Fortunately, a federal judge from Florida has offered some relief; just hours before Title 42 expired, a federal judge in Florida temporarily blocked the Biden administration’s migrant parole policy that would release illegal immigrants into the United States without court dates or the ability for authorities to track them. Judge T. Keny Wetherell II issued a two-week restraining order on the Biden administration’s new policy.

Ahead of this last-minute ruling, the Biden administration’s attorneys implored Wetherell to deny Florida’s attempt to block the new policies that they say are “necessary to address an imminent and dramatic increase [of] arrivals at the southwest border.”

“The Court should deny this request to limit the Executive’s authority to carry out a core Executive function, managing the border, particularly on an emergency basis, without the benefit of full briefing on the eve of an expected dramatic increase in arrivals at the border,” the Biden attorneys wrote.

Biden’s new policy will allow apprehended illegal immigrants to be released into the United States without being assigned an alien registration number or a court date.

However, the length of time illegals will be allowed to stay in the country while they wait for America’s painfully slow legal process to catch up is disastrous. For example, the immigrant featured in the below video revealed that her court date is four years away, being scheduled for April 2027.


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