CNN’s Brooke Baldwin had a hard time digesting the truth when she had Matt Lewis, columnist for The Daily Beast, on her show. They were discussing the Democrats and the leftist way to fight against things they don’t like, such as the Supreme Court confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, and that’s Justice Kavanaugh now!

Lewis apparently referred to the anti-Kavanaugh protesters, activists, demonstrators, spaghetti monsters – whatever you want to call them – as a “mob” and discussed the mob mentality. By this he means large groups of people acting erratically and inappropriately, such as the time a dancing young liberal assaulted a 71-year-old man, or perhaps the time celebrities were “pretend arrested” (Amy Schumer, Emily Ratajkowski), and incidents such as when liberals were pounding on the super solid doors of the Supreme Court and trying to claw their way in.

That is a mob mentality.

A large group of angry people behaving badly trying to get at one person is fairly mobbish if I must say so myself, and I do say so myself!

Baldwin wasn’t having it.

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She didn’t like what Lewis was saying.

She can’t handle the truth.

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Watch the video clip here:

“Get ready to roll your eyes…

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin is offended that the left’s angry mob was called… a mob.

Would she rather them be called violent harassers, vandals and criminals?”

She tried comparing the angry left mob to the angry right mob in Charlottesville, but wanted to act like the left wasn’t guilty of the same large group mentality.

The more Baldwin talked, the more hypocrisy spilled out of her like an oil tanker that tipped over on the highway. Just a long slow leak of the good stuff that we sat here and laughed at.

Baldwin defended the angry and irresponsible protesters while calling out the angry right-wing people.

So what it seems like she’s saying is that it’s acceptable for her group of people to do it (the Democrats) but no other group of people can gather in a large group and run around chanting things?

Sounds like a one way street for Democrats, don’t you think?

Perhaps if the angry leftists lost their mob mentality and learned how to think for themselves, they might see the good that has occurred during this presidency.

Put their party aside and focus on the country, not the name of a political party.

Then again, what else is new coming from CNN?

There have been times where CNN doesn’t even report on a major story because it totally goes against the grain of their leftist agenda.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see a major news corporation just report the facts and not spin something in one direction or another?

Are those days over?

Maybe. Maybe not.

The fact is this – if CNN was a neutral news company, then people like Baldwin would agree that the liberal mob of people protesting against Kavanaugh were totally out of line, spent the day acting poorly, and allowed their emotions to be attached to an unproven story.

Common sense says that facts prove crimes, and in Kavanaugh’s case, the only facts we know are that Christine Blasey Ford can’t figure out her own story, and that’s probably because the Democrats were writing it for her as they went along.

Matt Lewis is right – the Kavanaugh protests were laced with angry mob mentality nonsense and it’s time for people to call it out.

Speaking of mob mentality, did anyone catch the news about Portland? They had Antifa and Black Lives Matter attacking cars in the streets!

There goes that mob mentality again!

Anytime someone can’t handle the truth, just send them this story!

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