CNN and the BBC Global News were both taken off the air today after they showed video of Venezuelan protesters being run over by a military vehicle. Unrest in the country has been happening all day with riots and crowds in the streets.

The Venezuelan government on Tuesday moments after the network broadcast a feed that showed military vehicles running over protestors in Caracas.

Venezuela’s government regulator Conatel blocked CNN about one minute after they aired the live video of the Venezuelan military vehicle running over protesters in the streets. The protests rose up after the opposition leader called on the people to take to the streets against President Maduro.

Maduro is calling the opposition leader Juan Guaidó’s calls for protests an “act of terrorism”.

Exact moment when the dictatorial government draws CNN from the air (in English) from the cable programming grid (channel 706) and further censors with Conatel.

Is there any doubt that freedom of expression does not exist in Venezuela?


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This isn’t the first time that Venezuela has blocked CNN.

In 2017, the Venezuelan government ordered CNN off the air because they aired an investigation into the alleged fraudulent issuing of Venezuelan passports and visas.



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