Conservative, Evangelical talk show host, Eric Metaxas went head to head today with “Fredo” or as he prefers to be called, Chris Cuomo.

CNN host Chris Cuomo is the younger brother of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo who recently signed a law allowing babies to be killed in the womb at 9-months, or up until birth. Both “Catholic” brothers, in abject defiance of their faith, are adamant about protecting the right of women to kill their babies until they officially exit the womb.

During a segment on his One on One show, Chris Cuomo asked Eric Metaxas to share his thoughts on an article written by “Christianity Today” Editor-in-Chief Mark Galli, who locked arms with the hate-filled Democrat Party in a show of support for their efforts to falsely accuse President Trump of a crime he never committed.

Cuomo asked Metaxas, “Why get behind a man who makes a mockery of your faith?”

Metaxas replied, “Most people that I know do not think he makes a mockery of our faith.”

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Metaxas asked the pro-abortion Cuomo, “Let’s talk about your faith. You’re a Catholic—does he make a mockery of the Catholic faith?”

The sanctimonious Cuomo replied, “If he said he were Catholic, yeah he does.”

The arrogant Cuomo accused President Trump of not practicing humanity, decency or mercy, and of  being “mean to his opponents.”

Hmmm…that’s a strange thing for “Fredo” Cuomo to say. Does he think everyone’s already forgotten about the ugly incident this summer that was caught on video when he was confronted by a political opponent? Fredo certainly didn’t look like a very charitable guy near the end of the video below.


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Metaxas is not the only popular Evangelical leader to defend President Trump against Galli’s attacks. Franklin Graham, son of Evangelical giant Billy Graham, set the record straight about his father, Billy Graham, the founder of “Christianity Today,” in an interview with Fox News.

Fox News reports – The son of the late pastor Billy Graham said his father would have been “disappointed” by Christianity Today’s editorial calling for the removal of President Trump, which was widely celebrated by the left and crashed its website.

Evangelist Franklin Graham told Fox News his father “dissociated himself from the magazine years ago” and was “disappointed” himself by the “moral high ground” they’ve tried to take but don’t have for invoking his father’s name to get rid of Trump.

“My father knew Donald Trump, believed in Donald Trump, and in this last election, he voted for Donald Trump,” the president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan’s Purse added. “And if he were here today, I’m sure he would tell you that himself.”


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