Democrats Chuck Schumer and Sherrod Bown are suddenly pushing for a reversal of vote results for a do-over and over and over in the midterms. This comes from the “everyone gets a trophy crowd” so they want to keep counting and counting and counting until they win…

Sherrod Brown just claimed that “if Stacey Abrams doesn’t win in Georgia, Republicans stole it” Yes, this is the same party that wants the vote counting to go on until they win. Yes, that party…Listen to this effort to delegitimize the election of Brian Kemp as Governor of Georgia…

Chuck Schumer is also putting doubt in the minds of Floridians about the result of the midterm election there:

“They are trying to shut down the election because they’re afraid of the consequences if they don’t…in other words, a Nelson victory. That’s what Bill believes, that’s what I believe,”

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Schumer went on to ignore the many questionable moves by Broward’s Election Supervisor Brend Snipes:

“It is unconstitutional to say every vote should count in rural counties because they can count quickly, but every vote shouldn’t count in the more urban and populated counties because it takes them longer to count the votes.”

See what he did there? “He believes he won a majority of the votes.”

A couple of Slick Meisters who are trying to legitimize the many things done by Democrats that are questionable at best.

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