The state of Michigan is asking residents to house migrants.

The Office of Global Michigan issued a message calling for “volunteers to welcome and support refugees from around the world seeking freedom and safety through the CHNV program, Uniting for Ukraine and the Welcome Corps.”

“Programs like the Welcome Corps advance the Office of Global Michigan’s mission to make Michigan the home for opportunity for our immigrant, refugee and ethnic communities,” said Poppy Hernandez, Global Michigan Director and Michigan’s Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer.

“Expanded refugee resettlement pathways empower more Michiganders to support our state’s growing refugee population and build a more welcoming and inclusive Michigan for all,” Hernandez added.

From the Office of Global Michigan:

Sponsors are expected to provide support to newly arrived refugees for 90 days through acts such as greeting refugee newcomers at the airport, securing and preparing initial housing, enrolling children in school and helping adults find employment. Sponsors receive technical support from Private Sponsor Organizations (PSO), which offer hands-on guidance to sponsors and refugees throughout their sponsorship journeys. PSOs represent a diverse range of local, state and national organizations with expertise in refugee resettlement, ranging from traditional non-profit resettlement agencies as well as grassroots community organizations.

Individuals named on a sponsorship application may be of any nationality and must meet the definition of a refugee under U.S. law, in addition to other criteria. The Refugee Eligibility Tool and program eligibility guidelines are available to help you understand whether the refugees you would like to sponsor through Welcome Corps are likely to be eligible for a referral to the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program.

ABC12 reports:

Per FOX 2 Detroit:

Other ways to help sponsor an individual or family through the CHNV program for Cuban, Haitian, Nicaraguan, or Venezuelan Nationals. Residents can also sponsor an individual or family from Ukraine.

Also available is Michigan’s Ambassadors and Allies program, to “become an ambassador and share your sponsorship experience in the community,” while “allies and recruiters can support by being welcoming, recruiting, volunteering, donating, or mentoring refugees.”

The state of Michigan is also allowing residents to make donations for housing, legal services, interpretation, and education for K-12 children.

The Midwesterner added:

As for Michigan, the Office of Global Michigan says residents can donate to a charity called Children’s Foundation to help the influx of migrants coming into the state.

“Your donation will be directed to the Refugee and Humanitarian Parolee Resettlement Fund to help support newcomers with housing, legal services, interpretation support, education services and support to K-12 children,” according to the Whitmer agency.

It is unclear how many migrants are being located to Michigan, but one Whitmer appointee recently said if it wasn’t for illegals, the state’s population would be shrinking.

Massachusetts is another state where the government is asking residents to house migrants.

One woman sparked controversy for saying hosting a migrant family was “like having your own personal chef.”

[WATCH] Massachusetts Woman Says Hosting Migrant Is “Like Having Your Own Personal Chef”

Another Massachusetts couple who signed up with the state to host migrants in their home had a family of four dropped off at their front door within an hour.

Migrants Dropped Off At Couple’s Home Within One Hour Of Signing Up To Become Host Family

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