Members of the Michigan National Guard and the U.S. Capitol Police keep watch as heightened security remains in effect around the Capitol grounds since the Jan. 6.  They are still in Washington on Wednesday, March 3, 2021. The U.S. Capitol Police claimed they had intelligence showing there is a “possible plot” by a militia group to breach the Capitol on Thursday, March 4th.  No evidence was ever given, no sources were ever named and nothing happened.  Despite this, DC police request troops to remain (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Washington DC has been a military occupation zone since January due to the authoritarian Biden regime.  They have routinely insisted that they need these troops despite absolutely no credible threats.  Most recently, they insisted that evil Trump supporters were going to attack the building on March 4th due to vague and anonymous claims about Qanon.  Of course, this never happened and there was no credible chatter in any rightwing circles that such a threat ever existed.  Unsubstantiated threat claims have been quite common by Democrats recently.

Yet, the unprecedented North Korea style military occupation still exists in Washington DC to this day.  This is not the fault of the food-poisoned troops who are forced to remain there and repeatedly eat raw meat and sleep in parking garages.  It is the fault of useless and complicit Republican party members who will not stand up to the tyrants in their own party, like Mitch McConnell and the Democrat party.

Now, the acting DC police chief, Yolanda Pittman who is a puppet of the left, is seeking to extend the emergency DC military occupation until May.  And you can be certain that another extension in May will be requested when the time comes.

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The AP Reports:

“WASHINGTON (AP) — Worried about continuing threats, the acting chief of the U.S. Capitol Police appealed to congressional leaders Thursday to use their influence to keep National Guard troops at the Capitol, two months after the law enforcement breakdowns of the deadly Jan. 6 insurrection.

The letter underscored the confusion over how best to secure the Capitol after a dismal lack of protection in January and biting criticism for law enforcement’s handling of the invasion.”

Recall that President Trump offered numerous times to give temporary security forced to DC on January 6th that were refused by Democrats and McConnell, leading many to believe that they wanted the unrest to occur that day in order to create opposition to Trump and conservatism.

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Leading up to March, unsubstantiated claims that Trump supporters were going to attack the Capitol on March 4th became the fallacious excuse by establishment politicians to extend the military occupation of Washington DC:

“And it came came as authorities spent the day on high alert, primed for a “possible plot” by a militia group to storm the building again, two months after Trump supporters smashed through windows and doors in an insurrection meant to halt the certification of Joe Biden’s presidential victory.”

Of course, that never happened because Trump supporters and conservatives are not domestic terrorists, despite what people like Pelosi and Biden insist.  There was no credible threat.  Now that March 4th has passed without incident, there is once again no reason to keep any troop presence in Washington DC other than to instill a sense of fear within the hearts of the American population.

“Police want to keep the fence indefinitely. In her letter, Pittman said she would ask for a drawdown of the deployment “based on the threat environment and physical and operational security capabilities.”

Earlier Thursday, The Associated Press reported the Pentagon was reviewing a Capitol Police request to keep up to 2,200 Guardsmen at the Capitol another 60 days. A statement from the police said Pittman had formally made the recommendation to the Pentagon.”

60 days? 2,200 troops? There are absolutely no details given by this acting chief of police about why she needs such an unprecedented show of military force.  Why is an acting chief of police giving these details on military intelligence, anyway?  Does that make any sense? This is our nation’s capital. Shouldn’t they have more details to go on to justify such a large military operation?  Where are the details?  Instead of details of any current threat, the AP cites the egregious failures of the past:

Steven Sund, the now-former Capitol Police chief in DC, “testified that he asked repeatedly for the Guard to be called as rioters stormed the building [on January 6th], breaking police lines and running over officers unequipped to hold them off. He ultimately called the commanding general of the D.C. National Guard just before 2 p.m., who in turn testified that the request for help was delayed by the Defense Department. The request was not approved until after 5 p.m.”

Despite being left-wing, the AP does admit that the current threat warnings seem dubious:

“On Thursday, despite the warnings of new trouble, there were no signs of disturbance at the heavily secured building. Nor was there evidence of any large group heading to Washington.

The most recent threat appeared to be connected to a far-right conspiracy theory, mainly promoted by supporters of QAnon, that former Trump would rise again to power on March 4 and that thousands would come to Washington to try to remove Democrats from office. March 4 was the original presidential inauguration day until 1933, when it was moved to Jan. 20.

But Trump was miles away in Florida. In Washington, on one of the warmest days in weeks, the National Mall was almost deserted, save for joggers, journalists, and a handful of tourists trying to take photos of the Capitol dome through the fencing.”

As with previous empty claims, the AP then goes on to cite ‘anonymous sources’ who may or may not exist that finger Trump supporters as threats.  However, after priming their readers to be suspicious of militias and Trump supporters, they once again admit that no actual behavior would suggest any threat at this time:

“Online chatter identified by authorities included discussions among members of the Three Percenters, an anti-government militia group, concerning possible plots against the Capitol on Thursday, according to two law enforcement officials who were not authorized to speak publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity. Members of the Three Percenters were among the extremists who stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6.

But federal agents found no significant increases in the number of hotel rooms being rented in Washington, or in flights to the area, car rental reservations or buses being chartered. Online chatter about the day on extremist sites was declining.”

Even far-left Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer is currently not humoring any further calls to extend the deployment of Michigan National Guard troops to Washington, DC:

“In Michigan, which sent 1,000 troops, Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said she did “not have any intention of agreeing to an extension of this deployment.””

In 2020, hundreds of law enforcement officers sustained injuries and numerous state and federal buildings were vandalized or destroyed by leftist rioters who dramatically increased violent crime in cities across the country.

No one on the left cared.  Few called for any military presence whatsoever.  In  fact, Kamala Harris promoted, funded, and bailed out the rioters, gleefully encouraging them not to stop.

Globalist politicians do not care about their voters in these cities.  They let their far-left progressive cities burn as Antifa and BLM rioted with abandon in order to crush the will of America.

Trump’s inauguration in 2016 saw hundreds of vicious and violent anti-Trump Antifa and BLM  rioters in Washington DC destroy millions of dollars worth of property and businesses.  Yet, almost none of them were every actually punished for their violent crimes by the DC police or FBI.  And, Trump never used those events as an excuse to usurp power and defile the capitol with perpetual razor wire fencing and military occupation.  He never demonized all Democrats as domestic terrorists because of the actions of these hundreds of people, despite Antifa and BLM representing the radicals in their movement.

So, why do we allow Big Media, Big Tech, and other corporations to demonize their ideological opposition in order to justify authoritarianism, now?

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