Michigan resident and Republican, Kristina Karamo knows a thing or two about voter fraud, she worked as a GOP poll challenger in the city of Detroit at the TCF Center for 3 consecutive days, where she first saw Melissa Carone, the Dominion whistleblower working at the tabulator machines.

Yesterday, Karamo, interviewed the Dominion contract worker Melissa Carone who bravely stood up against the corruption she witnessed and blew the whistle on the Wayne County election workers who were putting the ballots through the tabulators (or scanners). Melissa, an IT expert, claims the workers were committing mass voter fraud, and when she tried to report it to her supervisor, she was told she was not hired to monitor voter fraud, but instead, to help keep the tabulators working properly.

Melissa told Kristine that when she woke up the next day after working a 24-hour shift, she realized the seriousness of what she witnessed and decided she had to share the truth with someone. She thought about going to an attorney but decided instead, to tell her story to the FBI. Carone called the FBI and gave her phone number to a “lady” she spoke with for about 40 minutes when suddenly she was disconnected. Melissa waited for a call back from the woman at the FBI but never heard from her. After anxiously awaiting a return call, she became frustrated and decided to call the FBI again. Again, she told her story to another person at the FBI, and when she was finished sharing her incredible account of what she witnessed at the TCF Center, she was told she’d be receiving a call back from someone at the FBI. Carone told Karamo that both phone calls were made on November 6, and she never heard back from anyone at the FBI.

Why would the FBI not care about a credible witness working as a contractor for Dominion Voting Systems, the hardware and software company being paid millions of dollars to tabulate the votes in Michigan?



For the “fact-checkers” like Lead Stories who are working overtime to discredit whistleblower Melissa Carone, I have also called the FBI in Detroit to report evidence of voter fraud that I witnessed as a poll challenger in Pontiac, MI in 2012. After sharing credible evidence of voter fraud with the person assigned to take my report, I never received a call back from anyone at the FBI. The Pontiac City Clerk, Sherikia Hawkins, who was overseeing the three precincts committing voter fraud where I was assigned to work as a poll challenger is currently awaiting trial on 6 charges of felony voter fraud after a short stint as the Southfield City Clerk where she moved after working for several years in Pontiac, MI.

On September 3, 2019, she was charged with six election law felonies related to the 2016 election.

Detroit Free Press reported about the former Pontiac Michigan city clerk, Sherikia Hawkins, 38, that allegedly altered 193 absentee voter records.

According to a Michigan State Police affidavit describing the crime, Oakland County elections officials discovered the issue during a post-election audit of Southfield’s election results.

The charges, which stem from the Nov. 6, 2018, general election, are as follows:

Count One. Election Law – Falsifying Returns/Records, a five-year felony and/or $1,000
Count Two. Forgery of a Public Record, a 14-year felony
Count Three. Misconduct in Office, a five-year felony and/or $10,000
Count Four. Using a Computer to Commit a Crime – Election Law – Falsifying Returns/Records, a seven-year felony and/or $5,000
Count Five. Using a Computer to Commit a Crime – Forgery of a Public Record, a 10-year felony and/or $10,000
Count Six. Using a Computer to Commit a Crime – Misconduct in Office, a seven-year felony and/or $5,000.

One of the tactics commonly used by poll workers in Democrat is to threaten poll watchers to back away from the tables where they process the voters so they can’t see what they’re doing.

Now, with COVID, they’re using the mandated 6′ distance rule as a way to keep poll watchers and challengers away.



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