Looters around the nation are taking advantage of what should’ve been a peaceful protest for a George Floyd, a black man killed after an arrest by aggressive cops in Minneapolis, MN. They are making a mockery out of our laws and harming businesses already crippled by the COVID-19 crisis.

Fox News – Cities across the country started seeing new looting on Monday night as nationwide demonstrations over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis escalated out of control yet again, and as President Trump vowed a tougher federal response.

In New York City, dozens of arrests were made, police said, hundreds of looters were seen breaking their way into Downtown Manhattan businesses. In midtown, a group armed with sticks reportedly lit a fire to one business. Other stores such as Michael Kors, Kate Spade, and Barnes and Noble were broken into as glass from broken windows covered the sidewalk, KABC-TV reported.

In Herald Square, a busy intersection just blocks away from Madison Square Garden and the Garment District, hundreds of looters ran forced their way into a Macy’s department store in the presence of police.

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And more insane looting on 14th St. and Fifth Ave. in NYC.

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According to Daily Beast reporter, the streets in the shopping district of Herald Square in NYC are absolute anarchy.


We’ve shared multiple videos and images of looting, but these looters have to be some of the dumbest criminals we’ve ever seen. After running from a store (we think it’s the Nordstrom store in CA that was looted), the looters begin running to their car that’s already stuffed with stolen merchandise. The looters are confronted with looters on the sidewalk who fight them for some of the stolen goods. Once they dodge the sidewalk looters, they run to their car, where they pop the hood to show it’s already filled with stolen merchandise, all the while, clearly exposing their license plate to the cameras on the police helicopter flying overhead.


Here’s a close up of their license plate, just in case law enforcement would like to follow up with the looters who were stealing for George Floyd.:

Last night in Chicago, rioters tore up the city, looting in every part of the city, including Chicago’s “Miracle Mil,e” where some of Chicago’s most exclusive stores are located.

One of the wildest videos coming out of Chicago was taken at the signature Nike store on Michigan Avenue. Looters were shamelessly coming out of the broken windows, arms loaded down with stolen merchandise, acting like they literally just won the lottery.

After hours of covering looting in NYC stores tonight, police finally moved in and arrested looters:

The thread of videos showing brazen looters wouldn’t be complete without the video we shared last night. Enjoy:

BREAKING: Violent Thugs Go Big…Light Seattle Nordstrom Store On Fire #Arson4GeorgeFloyd…Mass Looting In Seattle and LA Nordstrom Stores #Looting4GeorgeFloyd

Let’s hope some of these criminals taking advantage of the protests for George Floyd are brought to justice.

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