Despite Covid19 likely having a conspicuously similar death rate to the average flu,  the unreliable testing data, the unreliable tests, and the bizarrely counter-scientific way that Covid claims seem to be inversely proportional to flu cases in 2020, authoritarians and brainwashed masses of people continue to claim that Covid19 is a pandemic that warrants long-term costly global shutdowns.  The shutdowns destroy nations and economies–that is clear.  But, there is also a secret toll to all of this totalitarian nonsense.

Nik and Ikaezia Brannies from Vancouver, Washington shared the story of their 13-year-old son who they describe as extroverted in the Daily Caller video, below.  He “loves people,” friends, and human interactions.  Without them, he clearly feels hopeless and the world doesn’t hold meaning worth living for.

The Brannies’ son was a healthy extroverted boy whose health has now been ravaged–not by Covid19, but by the useless mask mandates and lockdowns that have been implemented across the country by dictators politicians.  Due to the government’s unconstitutional and unending power grab attributed to Covid19, their son attempted suicide and is in a hospital bed.

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Thankfully, he survived, this time.  But many before him have not.  In the tragic video interview with the Brannies, you can see an example of the deleterious effects of government mandates.  But their son is far from alone:

Tens of millions of Americans are extroverts or have extroverted tendencies, according to the The Meyers & Briggs Foundation estimates.  In fact, most human beings need some form of normal human interaction in order to remain mentally healthy.  Normal human interaction, however, is now considered unacceptable by New Normal Cultists who now push multi-mask unending lockdowns and mandates.

And it isn’t just extroverts that are affected.

Covid19 lockdowns also hit the elderly very hard.  The elderly are generally more immobile and dependent than the broader population.  Many of their family and friends have passed on and many of them live in nursing homes.  Some of the only joy they can get comes during visits by friends and family that are now often limited or prohibited under Covid19 lockdowns.

We must never allow the New Normal cult to be normalized.  Its power will be unending and it will destroy humanity as we know it, replacing it with a global form of serfdom.

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