President Trump gives Americans truth and then push-back on the lying elitist politicians and biased reporters like no other president.

He was on his way to Air Force One for a four-day state visit to Japan when a gaggle of reporters shouted questions at him.

One of the reporters shouted a question, and President Trump shot back at her calling her question “fake news.”

This is just one more reason why we think President Trump is doing a fantastic job. He knows how to handle the press!

The reporter shouted:

“What do you want to accomplish with your personal attacks on the Speaker…you’re saying she’s lost it.”

President Trump shot back:

“Excuse me! This just shows how fake you and the news are! When you say personal attacks, did you hear what she said about me long before her? Did you? She made horrible statements. She knows they’re not true. She said terrible things, so I just responded.”

“I want to do what’s good for the country. I think Nancy Pelosi is not helping this country.” – PDJT

The White House released a video of the departure:

President Trump stopped in Alaska on his way to Japan:

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