It’s so refreshing to see these GOP candidates who are unwilling to allow the left to misrepresent their beliefs and create a distorted view of their positions on social issues.

Having identified what they perceive as his Achilles heel, the liberal media continues to go at potential Republican presidential contender Ben Carson over gay issues.

But Carson is clearly learning.

The latest attempt at “gotcha jornalism” took place early Thursday when the retired neurosurgeon sat down with CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, who started off lecturing Carson about not being able to “duck issues” as president.

“As president of the United States, do you understand that you wouldn’t be able to duck issues just because they make you uncomfortable or you don’t do well on them?” Cuomo asked. “You understand that?

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(Gone are the days when such a condescending question would have resulted in a widespread media outcry of racism — after all, Carson is a Republican.)

Taking the question at face value and asking what issues Cuomo had in mind, Carson was hit with “gay issues,” which Cuomo called “a very important issue to the development of the American culture.”

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Carson responded with understated class, noting sexuality is a personal issue that he didn’t find it nearly as interesting as Cuomo, who then tried to swing the conversation to gay marriage. Carson countered to say he would like to see the rights of Christians receive the same intensity, which prompted an interesting exchange.

“I would like to see as much emphasis on the rights of Christians as there is to some of the other groups,” Carson said. “I would like to see a much greater conservation about Christians and their rights. Why are we not talking about that?”

“We are right now,” Cuomo replied. “The LGBT community gets far less legal protection, as you know—”

“No, not as I know,” Carson interjected.

“How do you not know that?” Cuomo asked.

Carson then hit home on the crux of what defines the Democratic Party — identity politics.

“The important thing is for us as a nation to recognize that all citizens of the United States are protected by our Constitution,” he said. “We need to stop deciding that one group versus another is the flavor of the day.”

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