British scientist Peter Daszak has been terminated from his role on an investigative commission looking into the origins of Covid19. Or as the UN-backed Lancet commission’s website puts it, “recused from commission work on the origins of the pandemic”. His firing from the COVID commission comes after it was discovered that he’s been working tirelessly behind the scenes to denounce the lab leak theory, labeling those that tout it as conspiracy theorists, all while failing to mention his close ties to the same facility.

According to ZeroHedge,

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 The British scientist was picked despite the fact that he was intimately associated with the Wuhan lab, had repeatedly dismissed the lab leak hypothesis a ‘dangerous conspiracy theory’, and created a pressure campaign via a letter published by The Lancet to force the scientific community into avoiding looking into the lab as a potential source of the outbreak.

Daszak’s participation with several groups tasked with investigating the origins of COVID has proved controversial due to his connection to the Wuhan Institute and its chief researcher Dr. Shi Zhengli – aka ‘Batwoman’. Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance has funneled money into the Wuhan Lab and research being conducted by Dr. Zhengli.

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Mr. Daszak was the ring-leader in the organization of a letter published in The Lancet that was signed by himself and 27- other scientists, whose purpose was to denounce the lab leak claim as a ‘conspiracy theory,’ and ‘nonscientific.’ They wrote at the time: ‘We stand together to strongly condemn conspiracy theories suggesting that COVID-19 does not have a natural origin’.

Supporters of the theory call the denunciation ridiculous claiming there is no way it can be a coincidence, that the virus first appeared in the same Chinese city (Wuhan) that houses the only lab in China studying bat coronaviruses.

We reported earlier this month about Peter Daszak and Google’s involvement with the Wuhan Lab:

Stunning Revelation: For Ten Years, Google Has Been Funding EcoHealth Alliance Who Participated In Deadly Bat Coronavirus Research In Wuhan China

President Donald Trump was among the first to point a finger at the lab as the source of the leak, an accusation, his critics claimed, was to deflect from his “poor” handling of the pandemic.


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