So a wannabe female bomber was a pre-school teacher by day in Queens, NY and a jihadi the rest of the time.


She was a pretty hardcore jihadi who worshipped Bin laden and was a big fan of the Boston Bombers. One of the things we found interesting is her affiliation with ICNA Relief, an Islamic charity affiliated with the Islamic Circle of North America. We don’t know much about the organization but found a video of Noelle speaking about her support from ICNA. To be honest, it sounds like a bunch of bs but she’s trying to raise funds for a women’s shelter. She rambles on and on but you can at least get a better understanding of what an attention wh*re she is.


One of the two Queens women accused of plotting a homemade bomb strike on American soil worked at a preschool, where officials remained tight-lipped Friday after her arrest on terrorism charges.

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Asia Siddiqui, a 31-year-old native of Saudi Arabia, was behind bars Friday, locked up with her best friend and accused sister in jihad Noelle Valentzas, 28.

An undercover operative reported that Valentzas said “being a martyr in a suicide attack guarantees entrance into heaven.” A picture of Osama bin Laden with an AK-47 allegedly decorated her cell phone. She also allegedly turned her interests to pressure cookers after the Boston Marathon bombing:

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“You can fit a lot of things in [the pressure cooker], even if it’s not food,” Velentzas told the undercover operative, apparently referencing explosives.

She evidently told the undercover operative, “If we get arrested, the police will point their guns at us from the back and maybe from the front. If we can get even one of their weapons, we can shoot them. They will probably kill us but we will be martyrs automatically and receive Allah’s blessing.”

Velentzas was allegedly also friends with U.S. airman Tairod Pugh who, last month, was indicted on terrorism charges after allegedly plotting to travel to Syria to join the Islamic State.

Less than two weeks ago, Velentzas was reportedly asked whether she had heard the news about the recent arrest of Pugh and replied that she did not understand why people were traveling overseas to wage jihad when there were more opportunities of ‘pleasing Allah’ in the United States.”

In that same meeting, Velentzas said she needed to learn the science behind bomb-building to avoid being like Faisal Shahzad, the man who drove an SUV full of explosives into Times Square on a warm Saturday night in May 2010. He wasn’t able to detonate the bombs.

“We have no comment at this time,” said a worker at 82nd Street Academics in Queens on the day after FBI agents arrested the two Al Qaeda-linked suspects at their homes.

The busts followed a two-year undercover probe, with the terrorist sympathizers accused of amassing bomb-making materials and studying bomb-making manuals while plotting their strike.

The self-identified citizens of the Islamic State — the terrorist organization responsible for beheading Western hostages — have billed themselves as “some bad bitches.”

Outside their South Jamaica home on Friday, Valentzas’ husband (PICTURED BELOW), Abu Bakr, defended his wife and her friend against the federal charges that carry a potential life sentence.


He was left at the home with their two kids, ages 5 and 11, after federal agents took Noelle away in handcuffs. The 27-year-old Valentzas, a home health-care worker, was born in Florida, authorities said.

She and Siddiqui became close friends and co-conspirators united by a desire to “make history” through a terrorist attack in the U.S. Both women are American citizens.

But a federal criminal complaint said the two suspects were overheard repeatedly discussing violent activities with the undercover agent — including a plot to bomb a police funeral.

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