So is anyone else wondering why the cop-hating, racist, Bernie Sanders supporter Tommy DiMassimo wasn’t arrested and charged with a felony? 

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign rallies have become a fixture in the 2016 election season as much for the candidate’s rambling speeches as for the frequent interruptions of said speeches.

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Demonstrators have filed in to Trump rallies across the country, shouting their anti-Trump messages and promptly being ridiculed by rally-goers and led out by law enforcement.

On Saturday, Trump began to call for the arrest of protesters as he was repeatedly interrupted, raising questions about the legality of protest and whether Trump can press charges against demonstrators. So what are the answers?

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The short answer is, no.

According to H.R. 347 (signed into law by Barack Hussein Obama in February, 2012) it is ILLEGAL under CURRENT FEDERAL to protest of any type, in an area under protection by the U.S. Secret Service.

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Because Donald Trump is under Secret Service Protection (as is Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders) and has been since November of 2015, it is a FEDERAL CRIME to protest at campaign rallies, and is in fact, punishable by imprisonment.

Free Speech isn’t covered at ANY Trump, Clinton, Sanders (or Cruz, Rubio, Kasich) rally because protests are considered to be “knowingly impeding or disrupting the orderly conduct of an official Federal function.”

Law enforcement has simply tossed out protesters at Trump rallies, but H.R. 347 states that they could be imprisoned for up to a year for trespassing.

Demonstrators are technically relegated to free speech zones much like the ones seen on college campuses.


Such zones are often used to keep dissenters away from media attention, according to the American Civil Liberties Union.

At a recent Trump event at Valdosta State University, in Georgia, the two designated free speech zones were not in sight of the arena where the rally was held. One was a quarter mile away.

Trump can call for the arrest of whomever he wants, but he can’t do the arresting.

He has said, however, that he is “going to start pressing charges” against protesters as a way to intimidate them into thinking twice about demonstrating at his rallies.

Based on the change to H.R. 347 in 2012, he may have grounds to press for trespassing charges against any protester who walked into the rally knowing it was a restricted area, according to the ACLU. Via: Mashable

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