Hungary, one of the smaller nations in the European Union, is blocking further sanctions against Russia following internal strife with Ukraine. The Hungarian government has taken issue with Zelensky’s administration, saying the Ukrainian government has made hostile moves toward their country.

Viktor Orban

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban, a Trump ally, has stood up to the internal EU pressure and is demanding that Ukraine’s aggression towards Hungary ends. Orban’s administration has accused Ukraine of blacklisting its bank OTP and making false accusations about the bank’s dealings with Russia. Tensions between the two leaders also flared after Hungary got word that Ukraine had plotted to hit a Russian pipeline that delivers oil to the country. Russia still delivers oil to many nations in the EU.
The Hungarian government condemned the bomb plot to sabotage the country’s oil supply, calling it an act of war.
“Zelensky threatening to detonate the Druzhba oil pipeline to Hungary not only jeopardizes Hungary’s oil supply but threatens national sovereignty. Therefore any attempt to disrupt it is an attack on Hungary’s independence and security.


Solidarity within the EU is an underlying safeguard that helps keep the smaller countries from being railroaded by the larger ones. Hungary has said it will not support any more sanctions against Russia until Ukraine de-blacklists its bank, OTP. According to Breitbart News, OTP bank is being accused of “doing business in the breakaway regions of Luhansk and Donetsk, and has also been providing Russian soldiers with banking products.”

Both OTP Bank and the Hungarian government have rejected the claims as being false. The Ukrainian branch of OTP released a statement showing support for Ukraine, saying,

“OTP Group’s Management expresses its support for Ukraine publicly. The management of OTP Bank in Ukraine strongly condemns the war; our colleagues defend our country on the front line. We, OTP Bank Ukraine, will continue to do everything possible for the Victory of Ukraine!”

While Breitbart is reporting that Hungary’s stance has angered Germany, causing increased tensions between the countries, others are calling for a sit-down meeting to work out the internal tensions.

Josep Borrell, an EU foreign affairs official, is calling for negotiations, “We have to do everything we can in order to [get] the next package of military support to Ukraine … approved,” he reportedly said. “If one member state has a difficulty, let’s discuss it; that’s what we are going to do.”

In addition to condemning Ukraine’s actions, Viktor Orban also took a swipe at the Biden regime and American Democrats, saying he does not like their interference in his country or the pressure they attempt to exert.

“The Democrats always try to convince you and sometimes force you how to live. And I don’t like it. We have our own culture. Don’t interfere. Don’t educate us. Don’t say what is good or what is bad. It’s not your job.”

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