During an interview with CNN’s Dana Bash, White House senior adviser Kellyanne Conway revealed that she was physically assaulted by a woman at a Washington, D.C.-area restaurant last year while with her middle-school-aged daughter and several of her daughter’s friends.

Kellyanne Conway told CNN’s Dana Bash, “I was, uh, assaulted in a restaurant.” Bash quickly jumped in, “Assaulted how?” Conway told Bash, “And that person has to go to court now.” Bash asked again, “Assaulted how?” Conway continued, “I was standing next to my daughter and many of her friends at dinner. I mean she was right here next to me.” Conway pointed to show that her daughter was standing directly next to her. She continued, “Somebody was grabbing me from behind, grabbed my arms and was shaking me, to the point that I thought maybe somebody was hugging me, one of the other parents coming to pick up his or her daughter…and then as I turned around, it just felt weird, I felt like well, that’s a little aggressive.”

Conway explained that as she turned around and faced the stranger attacking her at the restaurant, she could see that the woman was “just unhinged.” Conway to Bash, “She was out of control. I don’t even know how to explain it to you. Her whole face was terror and anger and just—” Conway pointed to her face, saying, “She was right here.”

According to the Daily Mail– The woman who presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway says physically assaulted her in October is married to the CEO of a $43 million environmental charity and manages volunteers for a nonprofit that boasts ’empathy’ as ‘a priority skill’ for ‘living and working together in this radically different world.’

Beth Inabinett, 63, is being ID’d for the first time. She faces a March trial for second-degree assault in Montgomery County, Maryland. Inabinett could also be charged with a federal crime, according to a Justice Department official.

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Inabinett is married to Andy Sharpless, a former executive vice president of Discovery.com who has served as CEO of Oceana since 2003. The celebrated environmental group works to preserve and restore ocean ecosystems worldwide.

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She describes herself in her LinkedIn profile as a former ‘Alinsky-style community organizer in Maryland, Delaware, Philadelphia and Massachusetts’ who now works as a volunteer recruiter at Ashoka, a Virginia-based nonprofit that supports more than 3,500 social entrepreneurs.

This photo shows Inabinett (circled) and her husband Andy Sharpless (the tall man at center-right) during a 2013 family reunion at a Maryland Quaker meeting house that teaches nonviolence

Ashoka lists ’empathy’ first among the planks in its platform for global success, describing it as ‘the ability to understand and respond to the feelings of others.’

Alinsky-style community organizers aren’t always young thugs wearing ski masks and living in their parent’s basements.

Here’s the video of President Trump’s White House Senior Advisor Kellyanne Conway explaining the attack to CNN’s Dana Bash.

A 2013 newsletter of the Third Haven Friends Meeting in Easton, Maryland, pictures them in a family reunion photo along with their daughters and Sharpless’s parents. The same newsletter solicited registrations for a workshop of the Quaker meeting house’s ‘Alternatives to Violence Project.’

100 Percent Fed Up reports- A frustrated Conway told Bash, “And she oughta pay for that. Because she has no right to touch anybody, I said ‘get your hand off me’” She just wouldn’t stop.” Conway told Bash, “This woman thinks it’s okay to put her hands on someone, and it’s not.”

Conway then told Bash that while the confrontation was going on, her daughter was videotaping what happened.

The White House senior advisor told Bash that she had to call 9-11 and that she hasn’t talked about it publicly because other kids were there.

Last year, unhinged Democrat lawmaker Maxine Waters (D-CA) encouraged her supporters to go after and threaten anyone in the Trump administration in public spaces, saying:

“They’re not going to be able to go to a restaurant, they’re not going to be able to stop at a gas station, they’re not going to be able to shop at a department store. The people are going to turn on them, they’re going to protest, they’re going to absolutely harass them.”

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