Progressive Minneapolis braces for more violent BLM and Antifa riots after the expected Chauvin trial verdict, this week.  Concurrently, Chicago is also bracing itself for similar unrest due to the expected verdict.  Both cities are far-left progressive cities.  And, both cities have experienced their highest and most unprecedented spikes in violent crimes over the past year due to Antifa and BLM.

Chicago treats their police officers very poorly, causing many on the force to resign and hate their leadership which prevents them from enforcing just laws.  Chicago progressive leadership also defunds their police and eliminated their gang databases in order to be ‘woke.’  But, the numbers do not lie, and lots and lots of people die or get shot because of itThis has been a trend throughout almost all large Democrat cities in America.

Now, under the failed progressive leadership of Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Chicago requires additional National Guard troops to prevent even more unrest and violence than there already is under her watch.  Lori Lightfoot, doesn’t mind putting other peoples’ sons and daughters in harms way to temporarily mop up her chaotic violent city’s mess.  Of course, the mayor is never in any danger, herself.  She only allows such chaos amongst the little people and small business owners who are largely minorities, poor, and middle class.

Progressive Chicago Mayor, Lori Lightfoot

NBC Chicago Reports:

“The state said it would send 125 members to the city beginning Tuesday to “carry out a limited mission to help manage street closures. The troops will not “interfere with peaceful protestors exercising their First Amendment rights,” Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker said.

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“At the request of Mayor Lightfoot, I am activating members of the Illinois National Guard to support the city in keeping our communities safe,” Pritzker said in a statement Monday. “It is critical that those who wish to peacefully protest against the systemic racism and injustice that holds back too many of our communities continue to be able to do so. Members of the Guard and the Illinois State Police will support the city of Chicago’s efforts to protect the rights of peaceful protestors and keep our families safe.”

…Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said there is currently “no actionable intelligence at this time” but the city wanted to be “fully prepared out of an abundance of caution” as it awaits a verdict.

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“…Infrastructure assets will be strategically placed to ensure the safety of residents, neighborhood commercial corridors and critical businesses,” OEMC said in a statement.

In addition to the National Guard troops, Illinois State Police will also offer troopers to the city, Pritzker said.

All soldiers will be tested for COVID-19 before arriving in the city and will also be offered a vaccine, officials said.

“Additionally, soldiers will be outfitted with personal protective equipment, such as face shields and masks, to address the threats of our current COVID environment,” the state said in a release.

Soldiers being sent to Chicago “are specially trained in riot control operations,” officials said.”

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