A “very credible whistleblower” has provided Senate Budget Committee ranking member Sen. Chuck Grassley and House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer with bombshell information that led to the ranking members of Congress sending a letter to the FBI, demanding they produce an unclassified internal document that proves an alleged criminal bribery scheme between a foreign national and then-Vice President Joe Biden while he was Barack Obama’s Vice President.

In a statement, Grassley said, “We believe the FBI possesses an unclassified internal document that includes very serious and detailed allegations implicating the current President of the United States. What we don’t know is what, if anything, the FBI has done to verify these claims or investigate further. The FBI’s recent history of botching politically charged investigations demands close congressional oversight.”

Senator Chuck Grassley told Fox News that he’s concerned the document they have subpoenaed, which is currently “unclassified,” will suddenly become “classified,” not that they have asked for it.

Grassley said they “know the document exists” because they got the information about the scheme from a “very credible whistleblower information” that they got. He continued, “The Justice Department and the FBI need to come clean to the American people about what they did with the document.”

Senator Grassley asked if the FBI and DOJ followed the “normal investigative procedures” or if they allowed “political calculations to interfere.”

“If the Justice Department and FBI have any hopes of redeeming their once-trusted position with the American people, Garland and Wray must answer this subpoena and tell us what they’re doing with this information that we think is very credible based on what whistleblowers are telling us,” Senator Grassley said.



The document in question is an FBI-generated FD-1023 form that allegedly shows an arrangement exchanging money for policy decisions.

In their letter to AG Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray, Senator Grassley and Rep. Comer wrote: “The DOJ and the FBI appear to have valuable, verifiable information that you have failed to disclose to the American people.”

They added, “Based on the alleged specificity within the document, it would appear that the DOJ and the FBI have enough information to determine the truth and accuracy of the information contained within it. However, it remains unclear what steps, if any, were taken to investigate the matter. The significant public interest in assessing the FBI’s response to this information, as well as growing concern about the DOJ and the FBI’s track record of allowing political bias to infect their decision-making process, necessitate exacting congressional oversight.”

Here is a copy of the letter:

Fox News host asked Senator Grassley if the document has something to do with Hunter Biden’s crooked dealings in China. The ranking Senator refused to clarify any details about the information they are seeking.


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