Imagine for a second that your ex-spouse’s family had the power to, I don’t know, have you indicted on trumped-up charges because you didn’t want to give up your house in a divorce.

Sound a little bit like a Hollywood crime drama?

Well, buckle up, because this isn’t fiction — it’s the reality for Bill Stevenson, ex-husband of none other than our very own first lady, Jill Biden.

Stevenson blew the whistle on the whole shebang in a recent Newsmax interview, saying, and I quote, “I not only think it, but I know it.”


That’s some serious confidence right there. The poor man alleges that he was essentially the victim of a mafia-style shakedown by the — drumroll, please — “Biden crime family.”

Frankie Biden, one of the “family” members, apparently gave Stevenson an offer he couldn’t refuse — hand over the house, or face “serious problems.”

And just like clockwork, Stevenson was indicted for a tax charge just two months later.

You can’t make this stuff up!

More details on these explosive allegations below:

I mean, seriously, folks, can you believe this crime family is in charge of the free world?

Kudos to Stevenson for speaking out, but it begs the question: is anyone paying attention? Is anyone else terrified?

The Bidens, it seems, have more in common with Tony Soprano than they’d care to admit.

And that, my friends, is downright terrifying for us all!

Per the Daily Caller:

Bill Stevenson, the ex-husband of first lady Jill Biden, said Wednesday on Newsmax that he has been a target of the “very dangerous … Biden crime family.”


Stevenson discussed his divorce from the first lady, alleging that he was the victim of a shakedown by the Biden family.

“Frankie Biden of the Biden crime family comes up to me and he goes, ‘Give her the house or you’re going to have serious problems.’ I looked at Frankie and I said, ‘Are you threatening me?’ and needless to say, about two months later, my brother and I were indicted for that tax charge for $8,200.”

“Delaware is a small state,” host Greg Kelly said, “Joe Biden is like the prince of Delaware in a way, right? Very powerful. You think that he essentially ordered this?”

“I not only think it, but I know it,” Stevenson said, adding that he “could not believe the power of Joe Biden and the Department of Justice. I couldn’t believe it.”

Hold onto your hats, folks! If you thought Bill Stevenson’s revelations about the “Biden crime family” were something, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Because not only has Stevenson been at the sharp end of the Biden family’s alleged schemes, but he’s also warning us that our beloved former President Trump is being targeted the same way.

Talk about sticking to a nefarious playbook!

In a heartfelt plea during the interview, Stevenson confessed, “I can’t let them do this to a president that I love and respect. I can’t let them do this to our country.”

Hear, hear!

He’s not doing this out of any personal vendetta — oh no, folks — this is about protecting our nation and those who have served it.

The New York Post reports that Jill’s ex believes the Biden crime family is using their tried-and-true playbook to target President Trump:

“I can’t let them do this to a president that I love and respect. I can’t let them do this to our country,” he added of Donald Trump, who lost to Biden in the 2020 election and will potentially challenge him again in 2024.

“This is why I’ve come forward. This is the only reason I’ve come forward. It’s like I said, nothing about the divorce, no bitterness, but Jimmy, Frankie, and President Biden are very dangerous, and it’s tragic. I can’t let them do what they did to me to President Trump. I can’t do it.”

Wednesday night’s interview was not Stevenson’s first time railing against his former wife and her husband: In 2020, after Biden was named the Democratic presidential nominee, he alleged that Jill and the then-junior senator’s relationship began as an affair.

The official line is that Jill and Joe met on a blind date in 1974 when she and Stevenson were already separated.

So, folks, let’s listen to Stevenson’s cautionary tale.

Because if the Bidens can allegedly orchestrate a shakedown against one man, who’s to say they wouldn’t try their dirty tricks on a former president?

Heck, it seems like they’ll stop at nothing to get their way.

And that, my friends, is as scary as it gets!


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