Don’t Laugh.  Joe Biden is not funny.

Stop It.

There is nothing shocking, ironic, idiosyncratic, unusual, or in any way amusing about a man who has a 48-year history of aggressive comments and gratuitous lies, struggles with words more than George W. Bush, can’t remember the names of major players about which he is speaking, or that he got 2 experimental vaccines on national TV, supports genocide and totalitarianism as a “cultural norm,” is so senile that he can’t even be trusted by his own party of VP to hold the nuclear codes, has his VP do his work for him, cuts out video feeds multiple times while saying he is going to take taking questions, threatens to physically beat political opponents more than once, or literally hears voices in his head that tell him what to do and he still can’t do it.

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And, that doesn’t even begin to discuss the…uhh…sniffing thing.

Because none of these things are funny, comedians and pundits are struggling very hard and deserve a bailout.  When things are this good for America, humor just isn’t possible.

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American Lookout Reports:

Say WHAT? Washington Post, USA Today Claim Biden Is ‘Impervious’ to Comedy

Remember the excuses peddled by comedians during the Obama years? This bright, handsome president is so smart, and thoughtful, there’s just nothing to poke fun at. We’ve tried oh, so hard, but it’s impossible.

They clung to that nonsense, hard, for eight solid years. Jay Pharoah, tasked with portraying the president on the hard-left Saturday Night Live, later admitted the NBC show “gave up” even trying. Except when they used “comedy” to praise him…

According to Hollywood in Toto, SNL’s Pharoah had more to say:

“For the last year and a half they did no Obama sketches at all. They just were like, ‘oh, we don’t know what to do…’ I said, ‘just let me do my characters and we’ll be fine.’ They didn’t wanna do that,” Pharoah said.

“I feel like they gave up … gave up on the Obama thing,” he continued.”

“…As a result, a show known for hitting both sides of the aisle shifted its allegiance to the Democrats. No one realized that more than Pharoah.”

“It all came to a head earlier this year when the show literally sang a song praising Obama as he was leaving the White House. That came on the heels of a mournful ode to Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential bid late last year.”

So, the only thing they could do was a completely uncritical propaganda musical number praising Obama.  There was just nothing funny about him, either or Hillary Clinton.

…And these are supposed to be the best and hardest working comedians in the business.

American Lookout continues:

“The far-left Washington Post knows we see right through the charade. So it deploys a guest writer, author Richard Zoglin, to tell us we’re in big trouble if we don’t start lampooning President Joe Biden, and fast.

The first crisis of the Biden administration could be looming: America may have a president, the first in generations, who is impervious to impressionists.

That might be the funniest line ever written by a WaPo scribe. Scratch the “might” part.

The column describes how SNL hasn’t so much as put a faux President Biden in a sketch as of yet. Late night comedians are no better, the article correctly shares.”

The Washington post describes Biden’s personality and actions as absolute perfection that is “impervious” and “impregnable” to ridicule and humor:

“A sense of unease is starting to build. . . . The first crisis of the Biden Administration could be looming. America may have a president, the first in generations, who is impervious to impressionists . . . Biden, so far, has been impregnable. The voice is too bland and devoid of obvious quirks, and beyond the occasional ‘C’mon, man,’ his conversational manner too muted and self-effacing to give the parodists much to work with. . . . Biden’s pleasantly boring presidency has been a welcome return to normalcy – but hardly great material for parody.”

The American lookout sums up this propagandist charade very nicely:

“If Joe Biden was a Republican, Saturday Night Live would portray him as a feeble minded, bumbling idiot.

Their mockery would be ruthless and it would happen week, after week, after week.

Everyone knows this is true.”

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