MSNBC host Joy Reid, one of America’s poster children for stupidity, is not happy that the US Supreme Court has ruled that the color of skin can no longer be used by admissions officials as part of their criteria for ranking students in colleges and universities.

Reid, who appears to be admitting that she wasn’t smart enough to get into Harvard, told her minuscule audience, “Let me be perfectly clear—I got into Harvard ONLY because of affirmative action.”

You don’t say? LOL!


This is not the first incredibly stupid thing Joy Reid has telegraphed to her intolerant fan base. In November, Reid told her audience that Americans never heard of the word “inflation” until Republicans taught it to them.

Far-Left MSNBC host Joy Reid made the absurd claim on November 4, 2022,  that the word “inflation” was taught to Americans by Republicans and, prior to this midterm cycle, was not used by Americans in their daily vocabulary.

Reid made a guest appearance on “Deadline: White House” where the host, Nicolle Wallace, said, “You know, what’s notable to me is that Republicans say they’re running on inflation and crime. Republicans have not presented any solutions to their voters on either of those topics.”

Wallace then asked Reid how crime and inflation have been influencing Florida’s midterm races. Reid responded, saying that she has “never heard a person who isn’t an economist or works on CNBC” use the term inflation. She continued, saying,

“The only people I ever hear use the word ‘inflation’ are journalists and economists. So, that is not part of the normal lexicon of the way people talk. So, it’s interesting that Republicans are doing something they don’t normally do, which is not use the common tongue, not use just common English like they sort of do on their campaigns like they’re doing with crime.”

Reid didn’t stop there, asserting that Republicans have “taught” the word ‘inflation’ to Americans. She said,

“What they’ve done is they’ve taught people the word inflation. Most people who would have never used that word ever in their lives are using that word now because they’ve been taught it… They sort of wrap this word around whatever it is that they really wanna vote.”

However, inflation is one of the biggest issues for voters heading into the midterm elections, and Republican candidates have just chosen to focus their attention and energy on issues that are the most important to the American economy.

Maybe there is a reason people are talking about inflation more… Perhaps because inflation is riding a 40-year-high at 8.2% and many Americans are struggling to adjust to the cost of living. Reid has decided to try and convince people that ‘inflation’ is some made-up term that Americans shouldn’t worry themselves with – because it is too complex for average people to comprehend.

Apparently, Reid was never taught this term in school. Just because she didn’t use the word ‘inflation’ (or perhaps knew what it meant) until recently doesn’t mean that no one else did. Her comments are ignorant and insulting to the intelligence of the American people.

In April 2021, Reid made excuses for a violent would-be stabber, Ma-Khia Bryant, who was shot by police before harming innocent people, saying, “She must’ve been scared!”

Never mind the defenseless people who thought they were about to be killed by her before police arrived on the scene.

100 Percent Fed Up reported about the young, black girl named Ma-Khia Bryant, who was shot by a police officer in Columbus, Ohio, as she appeared to attempt to stab another young girl. Both girls were black.

The police officer almost certainly saved a girl’s life–or at least prevented serious injury–by shooting the alleged attacker. In a split-second decision as he appears to arrive on the scene, the bodycam footage of the officer shows what he saw, below:

Last night, during MSNBC’s “The Reid Out” show, host Joy Reid defended the 16-year-old would-be stabber, Ma’Khia Bryant, who was shot dead by Columbus Police seconds before she plunged a knife into a young female victim.

‘We don’t know the details of what happened beforehand but I’m bothered that no one is asking what could’ve scared a 16-year-old girl enough that she felt that she had to grab a kitchen knife facing two adult women,’ Reid said.

‘No one’s asking what would’ve scared a kid who’s in a foster situation so much that she felt that she needed to defend herself or pick up a knife,’ she added.

Joy Reid: What would have scared Ma’Khia into grabbing knife?

Daily Mail reports – Reid also took aim at people who have said the officer was protecting the other girls involved in the altercation when he opened fire on knife-wielding Ma’Khia.

‘No one’s asking that about her, they’re just saying – people with this sort of concern trolling – pretending they care so much about those other two women,’ Reid said.

‘Do we really think these people are so concerned about those other two black women?’

Her comments drew a backlash from some on Twitter.

One wrote: ‘911 operators, take note. Ask if it’s a knife fight first, then do not dispatch police. Send Joy Reid.’

Conservative Curtis Houck said ‘Joy Reid claims anyone defending the officer that shot #MaKiyahBryant is more concerned about the white officer and don’t actually care about the lives of the other girls b/c – you guessed it – they’re black’

One user asked, ‘Joy a black girl was saved doesn’t that life matter to you?’

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