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JUST IN: CHEESECAKE FACTORY Makes Announcement About Trump Supporter Harassed In Their Restaurant [VIDEO]

By Patty McMurray | May 16, 2018

It’s great to see Cheesecake Factory step up and acknowledge that employees of the restaurant harassed a pro-Trump customer wearing a MAGA hat:


No person in America should ever have to feel threatened for wearing a hat with a message that supports our current President. Unfortunately, for 22-year old Eugenior Joseph, his free speech rights were not only violated by a bunch of thug employees at a Cheesecake Factory in Florida, he was made to feel physically threatened in a public space. This violation of free speech when it comes to supporting conservatives is becoming all too common and has been considered acceptable behavior by too many Americans.

Employees at a Cheesecake Factory in Miami, Florida, verbally attacked and made threatening gestures toward a black man who dined with his girlfriend’s family simply because he was wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat, according to multiple witnesses interviewed by The Daily Wire.

The Sunday incident allegedly began at the Cheesecake Factory located inside Dadeland Mall when 22-year-old Eugenior Joseph was seated while wearing his MAGA hat.

According to multiple witnesses and Joseph’s own account, a woman who worked at the restaurant walked up to him and started pointing at his hat, signaling for the other employees to come over.

“Her finger was literally on top of his head, we were all looking at her like ‘what is happening?'” one witness told The Daily Wire. “She was pointing at him, calling her other coworkers, telling them to look at this guy wearing a Make America Great Again hat.”

At that point, approximately a dozen or so employees approached the table and began making comments about the hat, with some saying they wanted to punch Joseph in the face. Witnesses also allege that some of the employees also referred to him as a “n**ger” in their conversations among each other.

“So then all the employees started standing there, saying things out loud, like, ‘I’m going to knock his head in so hard his hat’s going to come off,” the witness continued.

One of the employees gave Joseph intimidating looks, clenching his fists and making hand gestures that appeared to indicate that he was ready to engage in a fistfight.

One year ago, we published an exclusive story about a group of diverse college students who were kicked out of a local bar for wearing Trump hats. The students, who call themselves “Modern Patriots”, videotaped their unbelievable experience.

Watch, as the man in the blue shirt, warns the young adults who dared to wear their Trump hats into the bar, “Be careful out there. It ain’t no joke. It ain’t no meme. Be careful out there.” He continued to threaten them, “We don’t play that shit here.” He tells them to “take that shit where you live.” to which one of the Trump supports says, “I live here!” His response is priceless: “I don’t give a f**k where you live.” The bouncer proceeded to explain to the students,“This is not a democracy”, to which the students responded to with laughter.

Is the man in the blue shirt (the bouncer?) suggesting this crowd of young adults who represent just about every racial and ethnic group in America, had no business being in a bar whose customer base is primarily black? What about the college across the street? Do they only allow black students to drink at their bar?


According to Fox News, the Miami incident follows similar allegations of patrons at dining or drinking establishments facing harassment over their MAGA hats. In January 2017, Philadelphia native Greg Piatek claims he was refused service and removed from a New York City bar for wearing his MAGA hat. Meanwhile, the bar — called The Happiest Hour — maintained that Piatek was never removed from the establishment, and actually left a $36 tip upon leaving of his own accord.

A judge in Manhattan later ruled that the bar would be within its right to refuse service based on political differences, as the law does not protect against such discrimination.

After Ann Coulter tweeted to the Cheesecake Factory, asking them if they’ve seen this story, they responded to her tweet by saying “No guest should ever feel unwelcome in one of our restaurants and we are taking this matter very seriously. They claim to have apologized to the guests who were being verbally assaulted and threatened by their employees in person and have suspended the individuals, pending the results of their investigation.

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