Hunter Biden has finally agreed to pay monthly child support retroactive to 2018 for a child he had with a D.C. stripper.

This temporarily ends the court battle Biden was having with the mother of his fourth child. He denied the paternity until DNA testing proved he’s the father of the 17-month-old child. Fox News reports that after the judge in his Arkansas paternity case ordered him to appear in person for a hearing to explain why he shouldn’t be held in contempt for not turning over financial records, he agreed to pay child support. The judge has given Biden until March 1 to turn over financial records to the court and has said she may adjust the amount of child support payments accordingly.  

He can’t pay child support but Biden is renting a 12k a month house in the Hollywood Hills and was just seen at the Waldorf Astoria getting out of his $87k-$130k Porche:

Hunter Biden is expecting his fifth child with a new wife after recently being confirmed as the father of a baby he had with an ex-stripper he met at a D.C. strip club.

After a DNA test, a judge in Arkansas ruled two weeks ago that Hunter Biden is the father of the 17-month-old child he had with Lunden Alexis Roberts, 28. Roberts is suing Biden for child support in a messy case where Hunter has refused to hand over financial materials (see below).

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Hunter Biden’s behavior is outrageous, and his refusal to take financial responsibility for his fourth child is reprehensible.

What’s outrageous about Biden being photographed by PAGE SIX with his wife, Melissa Cohen?

He hopped out of a very expensive Porche Panamera to have lunch in the very posh Waldorf Astoria, but he’s refusing to cooperate with the mother of his child, who just wants child support. Biden has claimed he has ‘significant debts’ because of his divorce in 2017.

The New York Post is reporting that Hunter Biden blew a deadline to hand over financial materials in Roberts’ child support case in mid-January. He now must appear in Arkansas court and explain why he shouldn’t be held in contempt.

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Hunter Biden Says He’s Broke…Wants to Keep Financial Records Hidden

Hunter Biden is being sued by his ‘Baby Mama’ for child support and legal fees, but he claims he’s broke and wants to keep his financial records a secret. It’s hard to believe he’s broke since payments to Hunter Biden from Burisma were big bucks (see below) and who knows what else he was being paid by other unknown entities in China.

Hunter wants all financial records sealed, including the release of any information regarding his business ventures, debt, investments, expenses, taxes, or personal property valuations. Does Hunter want his records private because of the ‘malicious’ media as he claims or because there could be something that could harm his father’s reputation?

Biden filed a motion for a Protective Order of his financial records in the Arkansas Circuit Court of Independence last week. He is also calling for a delay in an upcoming December 2nd hearing until the Protective Order is made.

Hunter says he fears the information could be used ‘maliciously’ by media. His attorneys are also claiming that releasing Biden’s financial records would cause their client ‘undue prejudice, annoyance, embarrassment, and/or oppression.’

The Protective Order was filed a little more than a week after it was announced that Hunter is the father of a son by Lunden Roberts. Hunter met 28-year-old Roberts at a DC strip club where she was employed as a stripper.

Lunden Roberts is suing Hunter Biden for $11K in child support and legal fees.

Roberts has refused to commit fully to the current terms demanded by Biden in the child support case between the two.

Biden claims he has ‘significant debts’ because of his divorce in 2017.


It’s hard to believe that Hunter could be broke, but his former wife had this to say about how Hunter spent his money:

His wife claimed he spent ‘extravagantly on his own interests (including drugs, alcohol, prostitutes, strip clubs and gifts for women with whom he has sexual relations) while leaving the family with no funds to pay legitimate bills.’

Biden was receiving big bucks from Burisma:

Excellent reporting from John Solomon has revealed that Hunter Biden got much more than the 50k  per month while employed by Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma. The FBI raid on Biden friend Devon Archer’s office in 2015 produced documents revealing Hunter got $166k per-month and even $220,000 one month in particular.

Is there more that Hunter Biden doesn’t want anyone to see?


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