Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney turns to Democrat voters for help getting through her primary

Representative Liz Cheney faces a tough primary against a popular Trump-backed challenger, Harriet Hageman.

Fearing that her RINO base would not be enough support to keep her from being ousted in the primary, Cheney has decided to try another tactic–turning Democrat voters.

Wyoming is a majority Republican state, and in the past party switch voters have not numbered enough to influence elections within the state. Despite this, Cheney is trying to get Wyoming Democrats to switch their registration to Republican so they can vote for her in the August primary. This shows just how desperate the RINO Representative must be getting.

Cheney’s campaign has been mailing out detailed instructions to registered Democrats on how to change party affiliation to vote for her, and her campaign website details directions for registering to vote before the primary.

Many Democrats, both within Wyoming and outside of the state, have expressed interest in Liz Cheney due to her rhetoric and actions against President Trump and the America First movement within the Republican Party. Her leading role in the January 6th Committee has made her a star for Democrats.

Still, in Wyoming, voters who switch affiliations have never been able to influence elections thus far. But perhaps Cheney has seen how Democrats have been voting in Republican primaries across the nation, ousting Rep. Madison Cawthorn, and attempting to oust Rep. Lauren Boebert as well. However, Wyoming is far from a swing state so it’s unlikely that this could save her. Her career in politics is finally over.

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