A McDonald’s advertisement in Japan has gone viral for portraying a loving nuclear family.


However, McDonald’s in the United States doesn’t promote the same values.

Instead, American customers of the fast food chain watch nauseating woke propaganda.

X account End Wokeness compared the differences of the McDonald’s advertisements in Japan and the United States.

“McDonald’s Japan vs McDonald’s USA. Try and spot the difference,” End Wokeness wrote.


The American McDonald’s ad is from June 2020.


Zero Hedge reports:

Let’s begin with the Japanese ad. McDonald’s understands Japan doesn’t tolerate mental illness and instead embraces family traditions. After all, Japan is in the middle of a demographic winter.

In the West, McDonald’s has seized the opportunity to boost its Diversity and Inclusive Index score to the moon by out-woking all other burger joints with this ridiculous ad, “Black trans women have a very simple message: stop killing us.” This is DEI at work and a small minority imposing their ideals and beliefs on the vast majority. Very few in the majority want to hear about what this morbidly obese black trans woman says while chowing down on a cholesterol-laden burger.

The outlet noted McDonald’s has ditched ESG (environmental, social, and governance) from its website since this ad debuted in 2020.

“Salute to Japan for keeping their traditional values,” one X user said.

“McDonald’s knows that the Japanese would not stand for the nonsense they bombard westerners with,” another X user commented.

“McDonald’s Japan promotes having a family as a plus, yet here in the west, this is frowned upon. We need more stuff like this. Not kids being seen in a drag show,” another user wrote.

“This is a McDonald’s ad from Japan. The reason this ad blew up is because it’s alien to us, for the West is no longer capable of producing basic messaging that speaks to the core of being human,” another user commented.

“The culture around McDonald’s in Japan is totally different than in the U.S. Way fresher food, friendlier staff, and the restaurants being generally clean means you see kids studying there for hours. I’ll take McDonald’s here over America any day,” said Oliver Jia, an American researcher based in Kyoto.

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