To say Jeffrey Guterman hates President Trump would be an understatement. If there ever was a case of a mental health counselor in need of mental health counseling, it would be the rabidly anti-Trump mental health counselor, Jeffrey Guterman, who continues to set off alarm bells on social media with his over-the-top tweets and comments about President Trump.

On January 21, 2018, Jeffrey Guterman wrote an article about Trump’s mental fitness. In his article, Guterman wrote: Claims that Trump is “unfit” for office are also vague because they do not necessarily address the question of mental illness. I, too, think Trump is “unfit” for office, but only because he is dangerous, unpredictable, racist and for many other reasons. It is unlikely that Trump’s mental health diagnosis, if he has one, will be ever be known, and the odds of Trump being removed from office due to his mental status are minuscule to nil. And mental illness is not in itself a reason to remove a president from office. Many individuals function effectively with a mental illness.

Today, while a deadly fire was raging at Trump Tower in Manhattan, mental health counselor Jeffrey Guterman tweeted his sickening sentiments about the building, saying he hopes the fire that killed one 51-year-old man, and injured 4 firefighters, “rages”. Eric Trump re-tweeted his repulsive comments, with Trump’s comments: “Said like a complete scumbag @JeffreyGuterman

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Eric Trump wasn’t the only person on Twitter letting Guterman know how they felt about his disgusting comments. StaceyLStyles tweeted: “Degenerate psychopath. These people really need to seek some help. I hope everyone is ok, Eric (I REALLY DO!), & the fire contained immediately.”

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Emily Choplin tweeted: “Some of us were raised by parents who would put us in the ground for celebrating others’ misfortunes, in his case innocent people who could’ve been killed because they were in that building.”

Even in the face of extreme criticism, Guterman wasn’t backing down. In fact, Guterman doubled down on his previous tweet with this comment where he actually tells Trump supporters they need to “get a grip”. Here is Guterman’s second tweet on the deadly Trump Tower fire: “I got excited when I heard there was a fire at Trump Tower while also hoping there were no injuries. So what. I am human. These supporters need to get a grip. I am less excited now, but still glad. Hoping there is major damage.”

Guterman appeared to have a few people in his corner, including the anti-Trump has-been entertainer, David Crosby of Crosby, Stills, and Nash, who tweeted his approval to Guterman:

Proud Female Veteran blasted Crosby and Guterman for their tasteless tweets:

Guterman is listed as a Mental Health Counselor in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area on Linkedin.


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