ABC’s Good Morning America host, Michael Strahan needs to get his priorities in order.

Last month, Strahan and his co-host, Sara Haines, the former The View co-host celebrated the “courage” of an 11-year-old boy who dresses in drag and dances seductively for his audiences. The little boy, who goes by the name of “Desmond is Amazing” got a big boost in his career when ABC’s Good Morning America featured the young boy as one of their guests.

In the video below, grown men can be seen handing and throwing dollar bills at the 11-yr-old boy drag child at a New York City gay bar.

In the next video, “Desmond is Amazing” can be seen dancing seductively for the Good Morning America audience, while audience members cheer him on. But that’s not all…Michael Strahan called him

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The GMA hosts watched and cheered while the 11-yr-old boy, dressed as a woman, danced through the crowd, laid on the floor in a seductive pose, and then took to the stage, where the GMA hosts attempted to normalize his behavior. Michael Strahan and his co-host gushed over his bravery and courage.

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Today, the Good Morning America host found it necessary to shame President Trump for feeding the Clemson College football team fast food in the White House dining room. Because of the government shutdown, President Trump purchased a variety of fast food items for the players, as they all celebrated their national championship game with the President and Vice President of the United States.

Tuesday afternoon, Strahan tried to shame President Trump during his show.

“You’re a billionaire, man!” Strahan said, exclaiming, “I can afford fast food!”

“That being said, I personally, as the non-impressive athlete as you let me know I am, I would like to invite the Clemson Tiger football team here for a great meal–yeah! Yeah. Yeah. Come on here, everybody. Whoever can make it, we’ll hook you up with lobster.” He continued to say, “We’re gonna give you the proper meal you deserve.”

When his co-host Sara Haines asked if Strahan was paying for the meal, he sheepishly agreed to pick up the tab.


By the way, the only people who seemed to care about the fast food President Trump served the players were journalists and everyday citizens affected by Trump Derangement Syndrome.

When TMZ caught up with Clemson University QB Trevor Lawrence, as he was leaving the White House, Lawrence had nothing but great things to say about his visit and the fast food that was served because of the shutdown.

Lawrence is a Freshman QB from Cartersville, Georgia with amazing talent and good manners ta boot.

He seemed happy with the visit and even said he hopes to return to the White House a couple more times.


OUCH! Last year, Michael Strahan blindsided Kelly Ripa, when he announced that he was leaving their very popular “Live with Kelly and Michael” show to move to GMA. Ripa’s “Live” show, that is now co-hosted by Ryan Seacrest, is killing Strahan’s GMA show in the ratings.

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