Has the Left and the leftist media managed to make Americans forget why this whole “kneeling in protest against the American flag” in the NFL started? Have Americans forgotten the statement made by Colin Kaepernick when asked why he kneeled during our national anthem while every other player stood in respect for our flag?

When the San Francisco 49’ers QB Colin Kaepernick was asked why he kneeled during our national anthem, his response was about police brutality, and about his belief that cops were essentially getting away with murdering blacks with no consequences.

Here is Kaepernick’s official statement:

“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses Black people and people of color. To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.” 

One day before 5 police officers were murdered in Dallas, TX by a Black Lives Matter supporter, Cleveland Browns player Isiah Crowell posted an image on his Instagram account of a man wearing an ISIS-like image of a man wearing an all-black outfit and black mask standing behind a police officer and stabbing him in the neck with a knife.

The Cleveland Browns made the following statement on behalf of Crowell for his disgusting actions:

“We have spoken to Isaiah regarding his extremely disturbing and unacceptable social media decision. It was completely inappropriate and we have made him aware of our high level of disappointment. Isaiah has apologized but also knows that just an apology is insufficient and that he must take steps to make a positive difference after a very negative and impactful post.”

The NFL made no apology for Crowell’s terrorist-like post aimed to incite violence against our law-enforcement officers. 

Should law enforcement officers be forced to remain silent in the face of a movement created to disparage and discredit the amazing work they do every day because of a Black Lives Matter, anti-cop movement that has permeated the NFL?

Stephen Loomis, President of Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association spoke out against Cleveland Brown’s player Isiah Crowell. Lommis said he thinks the “store-bought apology” isn’t enough. “He needs to go to Dallas, help the families who lost their loved ones last week, write them a check, look them in the eyes and give a heartfelt apology.”

Loomis says Crowell’s post was as “offensive as putting a picture of historical African-American men being hung from a tree in the 60s.” He adds that if Crowell doesn’t go to Dallas and make a donation, “I will pull Cleveland officers, sheriffs, state troopers out of First Energy Stadium this season if he doesn’t make it right.”

As for Crowell admitting he was wrong and acted out of rage — Loomis says, “You’re a grown ass man, and you claim you were too emotional to know it was wrong? Think we’ll accept your apology? Kiss my ass.” – TMZ

On Sunday, the Patriots were booed wildly by fans when the team took a knee during our national anthem. 

Today, the leftist Detroit Free Press attempted to smear Michigan State Police Col. Kriste Kibbey Etue for sharing a message on social media criticizing the NFL players’ protests.

Here is the post that Etue did NOT create, but shared privately with her friends on Facebook. The message in this post is pretty clear. It’s a message to the NFL letting them know that Americans will not sit back silently and allow millionaires who are obviously not grateful to be living in the United States disrespect our flag, our law enforcement officers, and our veterans.


The Detroit Free Press used a statement from ONE SOURCE, Leonard Mungo, a Detroit attorney who, in 2015, filed a class action lawsuit against the Michigan State Police, who Mungo claimed were not hiring enough black and Hispanic troopers. The Detroit Free Press quote from Mungo said the posting demonstrates “kind of a dangerous mindset for someone in her powerful position.”

It’s “scary that they don’t understand that America is defined by its freedoms, and one of these freedoms is freedom of speech,” Mungo said. It also “has implications for why the state police … don’t have representative numbers of African Americans in their ranks,” he said.

Shanon Banner, a spokeswoman for Etue, said the colonel’s Facebook post was not about race and was posted not publicly, but so that only Etue’s friends would see it.

“As a public servant, Col. Etue has great respect for the armed forces and those who fight to protect our freedoms, Banner said in an e-mail to the Free Press.

Etue did not create the post, Banner said. “It’s a meme that is posted in other places around the Internet,” she said.

Etue, who heads the statewide police department, shared the meme entitled “Dear NFL” on her Facebook page Sunday. It was a post widely shared on social media by those critical of hundreds of NFL players this past weekend who locked arms and/or kneeled during the pre-game playing of the national anthem. Some forms of the meme are calling for a boycott of the NFL until these silent gridiron protests end.

The Michigan State Police issued an apology from Etue on their Facebook page. Americans should be asking why Etue has to apologize for standing up for law enforcement officers and veterans she defended in her post? While the left is screaming about the rights of the NFL players to disrespect our flag,  perhaps someone should ask them when Col. Etue’s First Amendment Right become null and void? 

As a side note, The Detroit Free Press is home to Stephen Henderson, the race-obsessed, angry editorial editor who attempted to label Kid Rock (the single father of a black son and NAACP award winner) as a “racist”, stirring up hate and negativity towards the beloved Detroit rocker who does so much for the residents of the city of Detroit.  


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