During an exclusive interview with us today, Detroit resident Audrey Lee explained how she’s always tried to instill the importance of voting in her children. Lee shared with us an incredible story about how she believes her vote was stolen. She and her daughter applied for absentee ballots on the same day. They both received their ballots in the mail on the same day. Audrey and her daughter filled out their ballots and drove together to deliver their ballots at the same time to a voter drop box at the Greater Grace Church in Detroit.

Detroit resident Audrey Lee.

Audrey voted for President Trump, and her daughter voted for Joe Biden.

On election day, Audrey decided to check the Michigan.gov/vote website to see if she and her daughter’s ballots were received and counted. The website showed that she and her daughter’s absentee ballot applications were received on the same day: Oct. 19, 2020, and that their ballots were sent to both of them on Oct. 23, 2020. The website also showed that the ballot from her daughter, who voted for Joe Biden, was received on Oct. 31st. In the “Ballot received” space, there was a line indicating that Audrey’s [Trump] ballot had not yet been received.

Today, when Audrey went to the website to see if her ballot had been received, there was a change in the status of her vote; instead of showing the dates that she applied and the date her ballot was received, it showed that the clerk has not recorded receiving her absentee ballot application. That’s strange, considering that Audrey and her daughter dropped their completed ballots off at the same time at a Detroit voter dropbox.

Michigan’s Governor Whitmer scared the hell out of citizens over getting COVID, as she and her crooked Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson pushed voters to mail in their ballots and drop them off at drop boxes. When people actually go to the polls, it’s much harder to steal the vote, as opposed to when people drop off ballots in drop boxes and leave the delivery of their ballots up to the person or people who transfer their ballots to the City Clerk’s office or to the TCF Center, where they’re being counted by, in my opinion, crooked poll workers.


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