There are just way too many wannabe male and female jihadists in our homeland right now. The truth is, we have no way of knowing how many of them are planning to do harm to their fellow Americans. Congress needs to stop the State Dept. sponsored Refugee Resettlement program. It’s obvious we have a problem with Muslim Americans and Muslim immigrants living in America who want to join ISIS. It’s up to Congress to take meaningful action to stop this insanity. 

<strong>THE YOUNG LIONESS</strong>

A Philadelphia mother of two, who goes by the name of “YoungLioness” on Twitter, was arrested by federal officials Friday and charged with trying to support ISIS with money and resources.

Keonna Thomas, 30, appeared in court in full black dress with only her eyes showing, just hours after her arrest. According to the criminal complaint filed by the U.S. attorney’s office, she wanted to join, fight with and die for ISIS.

The only reason she didn’t get on a plane last Sunday to put her plan into action, was because federal agents spooked her two days before the flight when they raided her home, federal prosecutors argued, saying Thomas was a flight risk and should be detained.

The North Philly woman, who neighbors said lived quietly with her two daughters and grandmother, posted statements on Twitter accounts which led officials to believe she was intent on not only supporting the terrorist organization, but looked forward to martyrdom, federal officials allege.

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