Yesterday, we wrote about the radical groups and celebrities encouraging kids to walk out of school on election day and vote. They’re not telling them to go to the polls before or after school, they’re telling them to leave in the middle of the school day and vote, with no regard for the schools’ rules or the consequences they might face for leaving.

Today, we bring you a photo of several naked Democrat women, who are hoping this dark and bizarre image will encourage Democrats to go to the polls and vote against Republicans.

***WARNING*** You cannot unsee this image!

Their catch-phrase “Grab Them By the Ballot” is a play on a phrase used by the then-single Donald Trump during a private conversation with Billy Bush several years ago, that was secretly recorded, and then used to try to end his run for President. Like all the other tricks the Democrats have pulled out of their hats, this one didn’t work either. His supporters were not happy that he was secretly being recorded and that the recording between two men, who many called “locker room talk” was being broadcast on every news network.

Now, in an effort to be clever and cutting edge, these women have stripped down naked as a way to get voters to the polls.

Sadly, they have probably done just the opposite.

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Dave Vescio tweeted:

BREAKING NEWS: Democrat-supporting women strip off for photoshoot called ‘Grab Them By The Ballot’ in an attempt to persuade people to vote against Republicans. They’re hoping the images will encourage people to vote on November 6.

Where were these naked Democrat women in 2016 when Hillary was dragging her actual sexual predator and accused rapist husband around with her on the campaign trail?

This image could cause a whole new #WalkAway movement.

Umbra tweeted that this image makes him want to leave the Democrat Party.


He continued…

I’ve been raised liberal my whole life. However, I’m starting to agree with more republican beliefs.

Matthew Skocilich replied to “Umbra”, asking:

Almost? What more would it take to make you to #WalkAway from @theDemocrats?

“CobraCommander45” admits that he also used to be a Democrat, but he left because he “just can’t handle the lunacy anymore”.

i used to be like you tbh, but now im a conservative Trump supporter, because I just cant handle leftist lunacy anymore

And finally, this Twitter user is asking where Twitter’s more “expressive” button can be found? LOL!

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