We recently reported on the fantastic non-transparency of the Biden administration.  It should come as no surprise, then, that immigration transparency would also decrease as millions of migrants threaten to flood the American border.

It is proven fact that Barrack Obama created the detention centers to house children that media now call ‘cages.” Biden now uses similar facilities.

After 4 years of accusations against Donald Trump for his detention of illegal alien children in detention centers that were created under Barack Obama, Biden–using the same facilities–has now barred the press from viewing the ‘cages.”


The Gateway Pundit Reports:

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“The Biden administration will ban reporters from touring juvenile detention facilities now accommodating unaccompanied minors who came across the United States-Mexico border seeking asylum.

“Reporters will not be allowed inside the Carrizo Springs facility for unaccompanied minors that was recently opened under the Trump administration in Texas, a Health and Human Services Administration for Children and Families (ACF) spokesperson” said in response to the Daily Caller’s request to tour the facility.”

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The reason that they gave will come as no surprise.  It is the same reason Democrats have given for all of their tyranny and opacity since last spring:

“The Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) is not hosting media tours of unaccompanied children (UC) facilities currently due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” the spokesperson told the media outlet.

Under President Trump, these facilities were often portrayed as “cages” that imprisoned children. Very often, however, pictures used by the mainstream media often dated to the Obama administration.

After Joe Biden loosened restrictions on the United States-Mexico border, a flood of asylum seekers responded by coming in droves, hoping to take advantage of the Democrat Party’s more lenient immigration policies.

The Washington Post reported that the former Trump “cage” facilities are being “reactivated” to hold up to 700 children ages 13 to 17.”

According to Axios, the number will continue to skyrocket.

And, skyrocket they will.

But who needs terrible Biden immigration policies when you also have terrible GOP immigration policies?





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