Better a blow-up doll than an actual citizen, in the city of Lübeck, Germany where the Muslim migrant population has exploded.

Police were called out on Wednesday to the scene of what seemed to be a grisly murder. But they were soon able to put the finder’s mind to rest.

It must have been quite the shock.

A street cleaner in the picturesque town of Lübeck near Germany’s Baltic coast called police early on Wednesday morning to tell them he had found a female corpse lying on the street next to a paper recycling container.

decapitated sex doll

The lifeless body was wrapped in a blanket with a foot jutting out of one end.

Officers from Lübeck’s 2nd police district jumped into action, rushing to the scene as fast as they could.

“After more exact criminal observation, it was ascertained that we were dealing with a so-called sex toy which had no head,” the police report reveals. Via: Local de

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