If the Democrats’ stated goal was to destroy the U.S., what exactly would they do differently?

Over the past decades, and in particular the last several years, Democrats have used inflammatory rhetoric to incite and inflame citizens, pitting people against their neighbors creating hate-filled divisions along every demographic category.

Their recent calls to defund the police, while inconceivable in its stupidity, have garnered the Democrats’ desired results; it has placed a virtual target on the head of every officer and has caused police to think twice before using force in deadly situations, for fear of a violent backlash by a Democrat-enraged mob. Consequently, just walking down the street in some American cities is more dangerous than a dip in shark-infested waters.

Yesterday we reported on the brutal assault of Barbara Boxer, the 80-year-old former California Senator who was thrown on her back by an assailant that sped off in a waiting car after robbing her of her phone.

Today, President Trump issued a statement in response to the vicious attack on Ms. Boxer and warned that the violence and destruction happening in American under the leadership of Communist Democrats will destroy this nation if we don’t stop it.

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It’s unfortunate that people that are too dense to understand the ramifications of living in a lawless society have exactly enough brain cells to get themselves to the polls on election day.

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