President Trump always makes things personal and meaningful when he’s speaking at the White House. Today, he signed an executive order that will help prevent anti-Semitism across the US. At the signing ceremony, President Trump called up a young Jewish boy who spoke to the crowd:

12-year-old Austin Polanski wrote a letter to President Trump on the meaning of Hanukkah and asked if this year he could celebrate with the president at the White House.

Here he is being invited by President Trump up on stage!

What a great moment!

President Trump was joined at the White House by notable Jewish Americans to sign an executive order to help fight back against the rise of anti-Semitic attacks on Jewish citizens of America.

President Trump just signed an executive order expanding Title VI protections of the Civil Rights Act to Jewish students.

The order attempts to fight back against BDS and anti-Semitic attacks that have been increasing on college campuses.


Before he signed the executive order, Pres. Trump remembered victims in yesterday’s “targeted” attack on a Kosher deli in Jersey City.

“With one voice, we vow to crush the monstrous evil of anti-Semitism.”

“As the poison of anti-Semitism spreads with dangerous violence throughout Europe, the Middle East, & even here at home—most recently in a horrific attack on Tuesday in Jersey City—Pres. Trump is taking meaningful action to crush this evil.” -Jared Kushner


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