D-actress Meghan Markel and her royal husband, Prince Harry have been the subject of multiple tabloids since they made the decision to remove themselves from the royal life and move to Canada, where the taxpayers are furious about millions of dollars they’ll be forced to pay for their security costs.

No worries, Harry starting begging for a job for his D-actress wife last summer…

In July, Prince Harry and his D-actress wife, Meghan Markel attended the Lion King premiere in Leicester Square. An embarrassing video has emerged showing Harry practically begging Disney CEO Bob Igor to give his wife a job doing voice overs.

The conversation started with Harry pointing to his wife and asking Igor, “You know she does voice-overs?

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Igor replies, “Oh, really?”

Harry presses on, while Meghan, who appears to be well aware that her husband is groveling on her behalf for a job, is somewhat engaged in a conversation with Beyonce and Jay Z. and pretends not to notice. “Did you know that?” Harry asks.

“I did not know that,” Igor replies.

“You seem surprised,” Harry asks, adding, “But yeah, she’s really interested. It’s something she’s wanted to do if you’d like to try.”

Igor appears to cave to the unrelenting royal, telling him, “Sure, we’d love to try.”

Who knew Britain’s Prince Harry would find himself begging for an acting job for his D-actress wife less than 2 years after their royal marriage?

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