Last week, kids from 3 public schools in San Francisco were taken out of the classroom to march in a “Close The Camps” protest. In the stunning video below, young children, as young as 5-year-old, can be heard chanting a variety of disturbing verses, including, “Who do we hate? Donald Trump!” and “You build the wall…we tear it down!” and “Brick by brick, wall by wall, the border wall will fall.”

One of the young boys screams, “Cheeto sucks!” “Fog City Midge,” whose covering the march, asks the little boy who’s referring to President Trump as “Cheeto,” (a reference commonly made by unhinged liberals about the color of Trump’s skin), “Isn’t it not nice to make fun of someone for the color of their skin?” The little boy responded, “I know, but this is Trump. He’s being racist to everybody else.” An older woman who may be a teacher, asks the reporter to leave.

One of the parents reveals to the independent reporter that her child has indeed been indoctrinated by leftist teachers, saying, “this is what they’re learning in school.” The mother added that she is in support of her daughter attending the march.

Contrast the video above where young kids are being taught to hate the President of the United States by their teachers and parents, to this creepy 2008 video of young kids singing a cultish song about the newly ordained Democrat President Barack Obama. A music teacher can be seen leading the kids in a peaceful song about Obama, singing, “Yes, he can, can, can,” as parents applaud, to show their support for the kids.

In 2015, when Donald J. Trump was running for President, the owner of a food cart celebrated the grand opening of his business by allowing a group of mostly children to take turns swinging a baseball bat at a Trump piñata.

‘I want to kill him,’ one child said as he watched someone hit the piñata.

One woman eagerly smashed the piñata as she hit it several times.

‘Because, f**k Trump,’ she said when asked why she wanted a turn. ‘I’m sorry I know there are kids here, but he really sucks that hard.’

Another man took several swings at the piñata as he spoke about why he didn’t believe that Trump should be elected.

‘You’re bringing hate and we don’t want you as a president,’ the man said as he hit the figure.

Hmmm…striking the likeness of a man you don’t like with a baseball bat seems like an odd way to combat so-called “hate.”

The owner of El Diablito said, however, that the Donald Trump piñata had nothing to do with politics, and was instead a way of bringing people to his food truck’s grad opening.

‘It has nothing to do about politics, actually,’ he said. ‘It’s about having a good time.’


In July, we reported about a group of kids raised by parents who were members of the terror group, ISIS. In the article, we shared a video of kids who’ve been brainwashed to hate anyone who doesn’t agree with their radical ideology by their terrorist parents. The video shows young children threatening to kill anyone who doesn’t submit to radical Islam.

“We will stand on the heads of the apostates and crush them one by one. By the will of Allah, Islamic State caliphate remains,” five young boys and one little girl chant confidently with fingers waving, an ISIS signature, from inside a tent purportedly at al-Hol.

Indoctrination of children for the purpose of spreading hatred is unacceptable in any form. Teachers need to be called out for orchestrating events for the purpose of expressing hatred for President Trump and his administration. Like it or not, he is still their president and the level of disrespect these teachers are teaching our youth is shameful and should not be tolerated in our public schools.

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