A pilot on an Air Canada flight became incapacitated and could not continue his duties in the aircraft.

The incident occurred on August 27, 2023.

One of the pilots on a flight from Vancouver, BC to Ottawa, ON (Canada) “was not feeling well and was unable to continue duties,” Aero Inside reports.

From Aero Inside:

An Air Canada Boeing 737-8 MAX, registration C-FSCY performing flight AC-348 (dep Aug 26th) from Vancouver,BC to Ottawa,ON (Canada), was enroute at FL370 about 50 minutes prior to estimated landing in Ottawa when one of the pilots reported he was not feeling well and was unable to continue duties. The other pilot consulted with dispatch and medical services, a decision was made to continue to Ottawa, where the aircraft landed without further incident about 50 minutes later.

The Canadian TBS reported a PAN PAN was declared, medical services met the aircraft after arrival.


Aviation Herald also picked up the report.

“Incident: Canada B38M enroute on Aug 27th 2023, pilot incapacitated,” Aviation Herald wrote.

“Pilot Incapacitated – Air Canada Flight AC348 (YVR-YOW) Vancouver to Ottawa (Aug.27, 2023) – one of the pilots was feeling ill and unable to continue duties 50 min before landing in Ottawa! Plane landed safely,” William Makis MD wrote.

Makis listed the pilot incapacitations in August 2023, noting six total.

100 Percent Fed Up previously noted three pilots ‘died suddenly’ in one week in August 2023.

REPORT: Three Pilots ‘Die Suddenly’ In One Week

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