You can see the disappointment on Fareed Zakaria’s face when the reporter tells the truth about how the Trump presidency has been just as hard on Russia as the Obama presidency: Russians “Immensely Disappointed” in the Trump Presidency…

Trump REALLY isn’t Putin’s Puppet!

CNN’s Matthew Chance was reporting from Russia as voters went to the polls in an election easily won by President Vladimir Putin, given that his chief opponent wasn’t allowed to be on the ballot.

Chance said Russians had hoped Trump’s presidency would help them:

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WFB reports:

“There was a moment when Donald Trump was the candidate, when he was elected president of the U.S., when Russians really believed, after years of being … kind of disrespected, I suppose they would see it, by the Obama administration and those earlier, that they thought the situation was going to turn around,” Chance said.

“They had really high hopes that Donald Trump was the president who was going to see the world from their point of view, and so they have immensely disappointed in the past year and a half or so, since the Trump presidency began, that that did not happen,” Change added. “And I think that when your hopes are high and then they’re unfulfilled, your disappointment is greater. And I think that’s probably why we’re seeing those heightened figures the United States is perceived as the enemy.”

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