On Wednesday, 49-year-old sports journalist Grant Wahl died suddenly at the World Cup in Qatar.

Grant Wahl and his wife, Dr. Celine Gounder

The cause of death, according to the coroner, was a rupture in the aortic valve, which leads from the heart.

His family said he was perfectly healthy. His wife, Dr. Celine Gounder, an infectious disease doctor who advised Joe Biden’s transition team on COVID-19, rejects the speculation that her husband’s death is tied to the COVID jab.

The New York Times reports – His death resulted from a weakness in an artery wall called an aneurysm, which may balloon outward and then tear open. An autopsy conducted in New York revealed that Mr. Wahl, 49, experienced a catastrophic rupture in the ascending aorta, which carries oxygenated blood from the heart.

Let’s take a trip down (recent) memory lane to see how many young and healthy athletes have suddenly dropped dead following the era of COVID jab mandates:

22-yr-old professional soccer player Andres Balanta

22-Yr-Old Professional Soccer Player Collapses and Dies During Training Session… Heart Attack is Suspected

38-yr-old Cincinnatti Bengals Offensive Coach Adam Zimmer:

BREAKING: 38-Yr-Old Cincinnati Bengals Asst. Coach Dies Unexpectedly 15 Months After Head Coach Brags About Staff Being Fully Vaccinated

An 18-yr-old cheerleader from Little Rock, AK:

Perfectly Healthy 18-Year-Old Dies Unexpectedly From Blood Clot

A 13-yr-old soccer player died during a soccer match:

BREAKING: Coroner Orders An Investigation After 13-Year Old Boy With Healthy Heart Collapses And Dies During Soccer Match

20-yr-old Univ. of WI basketball player Derek Gray died while playing basketball:

TRAGIC! WI College Basketball Star Suddenly Dies ‘Unexpectedly’ at 20 After a ‘Cardiac Event’ [VIDEO]

31-yr-old fitness trainer:

Fully-Vaccinated 31-Yr-Old Fitness Trainer and Mother of 7-Yr-Old Dies During Nap…Fundraising Site Reads: “She passed away unexpectedly from heart-related issues”

34-year-old former Denver Broncos player Paul Hudson dies suddenly. His cause of death is “cardiac arrest.”

Former NFL Star Dies After Cardiac Arrest… Fourth Player to Die in Recent Weeks

Reports of perfectly healthy individuals dropping dead after accepting the COVID jab made by various manufacturers.

REPORT: 39-Yr-Old “Healthy as a horse” Mother Dies After 2nd Dose Of Moderna… Medical Examiner Says All Connections to Vaccine Are Just ‘Speculation’

Healthy celebrities are suffering from stroke, Bells Palsy, and even death.

Hailey Bieber, a perfectly healthy supermodel, talk show host, and wife of mega-superstar Justin Bieber, suffered a stroke at the age of 25:

Hailey Bieber Hospitalized After Suffering “Stroke-like symptoms” Related To Blood Clot In Her Brain…Possibly Related To COVID

Singer Justin Bieber announced that his face was paralyzed only 3 months after his young wife suffered a stroke. Both conditions are listed as side effects of the COVID jab.

Justin Bieber’s Face Paralyzed After Being Diagnosed With Rare Disorder Three Months After His Wife Had A Stroke… Both Conditions Are Linked To COVID Vaccine

A string of young deaths of healthy celebrities and social media influencers is certainly worth questioning; why?

Another Young Celebrity Suddenly Dies At 19

We will continue to report the deaths and serious injuries of young athletes and celebrities for which there appears to be no logical public explanation.

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