This falls under the category of… YOU JUST CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP! Austen Fletcher goes to the Pride Parade to ask questions and runs into some pretty clueless people.

He says, “I went back home to NY to stop in at the Pride Parade. Nothing we haven’t seen before. Another intolerant tolerance group.” Frank from Quite Frankly cuts in to explain why these people are trapped and so clueless about what President Trump has and has not done to help ALL Americans no matter their sexual orientation.

At the 5:00 point, you’ll find Austen interviewing a young liberal who is a HUGE hypocrite. She claims that Cynthia Nixon is a great candidate for Mayor of New York but President Trump isn’t qualified because he began in entertainment. LOL! No, President Trump is a billionaire businessman who delved into reality TV with “The Apprentice”. The idiocy boggles the mind! Did she also forget that Cynthia Nixon was the one who STARTED in entertainment?

The entire video is both enlightening AND frightening. The group-think from these people is unreal! They have no truth but just spew what they think they heard that President Trump did. This is why it’s so important to have discussion and debate so we can try and give facts to these people. Please #WalkAway


“More eloquent in her way than some ivory tower elitist, this woman nails why ALL people are drawn to Trump. Warts and all.” – James Woods

James Woods is so right! The video is on target and nails why people support our fearless and imperfect president. The best part is the clip of Trump during the debate where he gives it to Hillary and the Democrats. It’s such a great answer and so brutally honest as only President Trump can be. He calls out the Democrats for using the black community for votes and then walking away from them until four years later when they need those votes again. You can see Hillary squirming and seething because she knows he’s right on every point. It’s a great moment of clarity and truth you rarely see from a politician…It’s exactly why we love our president…”Warts and All”

“I watched the first debate. They asked him a question about black people and he answered this question like I’ve never heard anybody answer it.” – #WalkAway


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